Pixi Glow Tonic VS REN Ready Steady Glow – Review Of AHA Toners On Acne Prone Skin

I love a good comparison post of skincare products and have written a few in the past which have proved some of my most visited posts. I hope that my experience with these products has helped a few people in some way!

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Let’s jump into a comparison of the two products followed by my reviews.

Pixi Glow TonicREN Ready Steady Glow Toner
(Available in multiple sizes –
I’ve listed the size I tried and where I bought it)
£10 for 100ml
(from Boots)
£6 for 50ml
(from SpaceNK)
Active Ingredient5% Glycolic acid (AHA)

No fragrance
Lactic acid (AHA) and Salicin (BHA)

Contains fragrance
Product Claims (as per their websites)exfoliates, brightens and smooths skin. Alcohol free.brightens skin, replaces moisture, no irritation, dissolves in pore build up, pores appear tighter, smooths skin, expect a reduction in breakouts
Results (as per their websites)None mentioned on Pixi website96% said no skin irritation
92% said brighter skin

REN Ready Steady Glow Review

This was the first AHA toner I bought, apparently this AHA acid is the least likely to cause irritation and I agree it didn’t upset my skin at all. The product had a strong false chemically orange smell which I wasn’t crazy about but luckily my skin didn’t mind this. I used this 3-4 times a week in the mornings and found it gentle and did for once notice an improvement in my enlarged congested pores around my nose. I liked this product. I did notice a little extra texture on my usually clear forehead when I was using this but I’m fully aware AHAs can cause a bit of purging and this wasn’t drastic, never resulted in breakouts and wasn’t long lasting. I did find it stung incredibly mildly if I had dry healing spots but nothing uncomfortable at all.

Re-Buy Yes or No? Honestly, on the fence, I thought this was a great introduction to AHA for my skin. I wasn’t mad on the fragrance or price so this led me to trying the cult classic Pixi Glow. The more I use the Pixi Glow the more I prefer the effects of this product.

PIXI Glow Toner

I was excited to try this after seeing rave reviews from others with acne. I like that it’s alcohol free as some heavy alcohol products I’ve used in the past really dried out my skin. I found this slightly more intense AHA didn’t irritate my skin either at first which was a pleasant surprise. In between using these two products I used a non AHA toner and at first I thought this was making minor improvements on the congested darker enlarged pores I was aiming to target but half a bottle down my pores went back to looking like their old congested selves. I used this 3 times a week in the mornings. If I tried using it any more often my skin would get sensitised and this product then stung ever so slightly. It particularly stung if applied over any partially healed spots which I really wasn’t a fan on. The more time went by the less I liked this product as I felt the only thing it really did for me when make my skin more sensitive without about positive results. It just didn’t really do anything for me.

ReBuy Yes or No? No. I wouldn’t bother buying this again. At first I really liked it but began to loose enthusiasm for it very quickly. My congested pores looked much better when using the REN product. Halfway through the Pixi Glow I was bored of it, in the end I gave up using it on my face and used the rest on my legs where I experienced some texture from neglecting them during the winter.

If I could only buy one of these again it really is no contest. It has to be the REN Ready Steady Glow. Another factor for this decision is whilst it is a really effective product it is also a more environmentally friendly one as REN have much better eco credentials than many other beauty companies out there which I really like.

I’ve bought a mini of the Paula’s Choice BHA toner after hearing incredible reviews which I intend to try next to address my enlarged and congested pores around my nose and cheeks. I wondered if the reason the REN product worked so well for me was because of the BHA present in it.

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Rate or Hate? Reviews Of Toners / Exfoliants I Tried In 2020 For My Acne Prone Skin – Pixi Glow, REN Ready Steady Glow, Caudalie Vinopure.

This post is a follow on from my Cleansers Used In 2020 post reviewing all the toners and exfoliants I tried for my acne prone skin this year. The reason I titled this collection of posts “rate or hate” is because of one of these toners I tried which I absolutely despised!

Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Lotion


Likes: Sadly – none

Dislikes: Strong alcohol / fragrance smell, product was coloured bright yellow. It did nothing for my skin apart from cause mild dryness. I was so close to throwing this away and celebrated when the bottle was finally over.

Rate or Hate? 100% Hate. A complete waste of money and time spent using it. I didn’t see any positive differences in my skin and wouldn’t bother trying anything from this brand again. It smelt overwhelming, left my skin dry and flaky in places and was neon yellow in colour. My experience with this product was so bad that I started buying minis of toners / exfoliants to trial after this. This product taught me to not buy based on reviews alone and be far more clued up on checking ingredient lists!

REN Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Toner

AHA? Yes – Lactic Acid – and BHA

Likes: Didn’t cause dryness, I actually noticed positive improvements in pore congestion which is very rare for my skincare experiences, alcohol free, the brand is very eco conscious, didn’t cause breakouts and I had no purging period. It felt gentle and there was no stinging. Helped with hyperpigmentation.

Dislikes: Price, sadly this one isn’t cheap. Notable false orange smell which I didn’t love but for the benefits I could live with it.

Rate or Hate? I would buy this again. I did notice minor bumps on my forehead emerging when using this but these went away fairly fast, they didn’t turn into whiteheads etc and this didn’t bother me. This product actually encouraged me to try more AHA toners at a slightly better price point for me as I was impressed.

Caudalie VinoPure Toner


Likes: This left my skin feeling very fresh and clean, it didn’t cause breakouts.

Dislikes: I didn’t notice any improvements in my skin, in fact I used this straight after the REN product and actually noticed my pores looking more congested again.

Rate or Hate? I wouldn’t buy this again.

Pixi Glow Tonic

AHA? Yes, Glycolic Acid

Likes: alcohol free, didn’t cause any irritation, definitely helped with hyperpigmentation, no strong smell at all, didn’t cause any breakouts,

Dislikes: tingled very mildly on occasion but I could easily live with this, it is coloured,

Rate or Hate? I’ve been on the fence trying to make my mind up about this one so it’s not love. Looking back, although I wasn’t wild about the smell of the REN product, I do think it was more effective at dealing with any congested looking pores. I’ll happily finish the bottle.

The Final Word

If I could only buy one of these again it would be a close call but I think it would be the REN Ready Steady Glow. I think of all these products it was the one which had the most positive effects on blackheads or congested enlarged pores around my nose.

I have the Paula’s Choice BHA Liquid Exfoliant lined up to try next year…

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