December ’20 – Freebie Haul

In the run up to Christmas I’ll confess I’ve been dreadful at keeping tabs of the freebies I received this month. As ever I tend to post things soon after they arrive to my Instagram account but I was swamped with Christmas preparation and rounding up the end of the year in December. Below are some of the freebies I managed to claim with where I got them from.

2 x Kind mini snack bars – from a sponsored social media advert

La Espanola mini olive oil – Send Me A Sample

Smashbox Super Fan mascara – sponsored Facebook advert

Kenzo Flower perfume – Boots sampling via their app

Mont Blanc explorer aftershave – Boots sampling via their app

Narcisco Rodriguez Pure Musc perfume – unknown

YSL Black Opium perfume – unknown

Cerave Cream To Foam Hydrating Cleanser deluxe sample – via an online link (no longer available)

Cerave Foaming Cleanser deluxe sample – via an online link (no longer available)

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray x 2 – by asking a counter nicely in Debenhams

Alien body moisturiser and YSL perfume samples – by asking a counter nicely in Debenhams

I gifted so many of my freebies as Christmas presents that I’m exciting to start building up my collection in the New Year!

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My Best Frugal Accomplishments of 2020 – Things I Wish I Knew About Sooner

2020 has been a very bizarre year for everyone. I’ve decided to look back on the positive bits with the best frugal discoveries I made in the last 12 months. Read on to find out more.


I’ve never really been a big online shopper then lockdown hit and I didn’t really have much choice for the items I wanted! This led me to signing up to TopCashBack which essentially works by giving you a small % of your online spend back but this can take a few weeks or months. As they were purchases I was making anyway I decided there was no harm at all in signing up free to this site. For new customers at the time they offered £15 cashback from Superdrug which allowed me to get the haul below for 89p. I’m still using a few of these items now and placed this order in March so it’s saved me a great deal. On top of this £15 I’ve made around £6 cashback but considering whenever shops are open I always shop in person I’m still pleased with this. It funded a pre-loved top so I really can’t complain!


I discovered this through a brilliant account I follow on Instagram – MissyMearro. I’ve posted before about this free app which allows you to get either free or discounted food and drink items. Even with the dairy-free requirement this app has saved me over £20 in less than 6 months. As I live primary only near small supermarkets that don’t often have the items available I’m really impressed with this total. I claimed a few sweet treats to gift friends and other free items I claimed and donated to food banks that I wouldn’t use.

Extra Birthday Freebies

This year I became aware of more birthday beauty freebies I could claim including items from Rituals and SpaceNK which were lovely luxurious treats with a minimal spend. These items were either used for some amazing self care or to bulk out gifts for friends with skincare minis from brands like Drunk Elephant etc. I can’t lie, I sold one of the products I knew I wouldn’t use, nor could I think of a friend who would, for £9 on eBay meaning I actually made £3 profit on my SpaceNK birthday gift.

Boots £10 Tuesday

I bought 3 of my absolute favourite skincare products worth £17 each for £16.50 thanks to a Boots £10 Tuesday offer which stacked with a 3 for 2 promotion, student discount and an online £3 off code. Honestly blew me away and this meant I had a supply of moisturiser for over 6 months. I like to keep an eye on Boots £10 Tuesday deals if there’s something I need just in case the items pop up as there’s some great savings to be had. I 100% recommend downloading the Boots app for gaining maximum points.

Feel Unique Beauty Kit

I so wish I knew about this one sooner. I paid £16.90 for over £49 worth of products through this service including 2 I was really keen to try hence placing an order. Incredible value for money and a great option for a gift for a beauty lover too.

I did so well with bargain beauty hauls this year that I think I’m thoroughly stocked to see me through at least half a year next year which is incredible. If there are any money saving tips I’m missing that you think I should get on board with in 2021 please let me know!

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November ’20 – Freebie Haul

This month has been a very hectic one meaning I’ve been a little slow on the freebie round up! Without further delay here’s a list of the freebies I claimed in November as best I can recall. It was a very successful month for perfume samples which I was particularly pleased with as I like adding them as little extras to Christmas gifts for people.

YSL Black Opium perfume sample – via a sponsored advert with SoPost.

YSL Libre perfume sample

YSL Black Opium, Lancome La Vie Est Belle, Valentino and Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb perfume samples all via SoPost adverts on the John Lewis website.

Urban Decay Lash Freak Mascara. A sponsored Facebook advert floated around that should only have been available in the US. I filled it in without knowing this, contacted them ad they very generously sent me a sample in the post!

Sport FX cosmetics including make up wipes, dry shampoo and 2 full size lip balms. All from joining House of Fraser’s new loyalty club just before lockdown.

Armani Foundation Samples and Deluxe Mini Red Liquid Lipstick from signing up to their website.

YSL Libre, Carolina Herrera Good Girl and Chloe Nomade perfume samples from asking a Debenhams beauty counter nicely back when stores were open.

Cle De Peau Beaute 5ml moisturiser – I believe from a sponsored social media advert.

Dior 3 Fragrance Samples – via the Boots app

Armani My Way Fragrance sample – I assume from a sponsored social media advert.

My Clarins Re-Move Exfoliating Power – from a sponsored Facebook post

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My 100th Blog Post: A Round Up Of Recent Best Beauty Bargains – Too Good To Not Share!

This marks my 100th post on my blog, I honestly can’t believe I’ve hit this number already! The last round up of best beauty bargains I posted was around my birthday month so decided a post like this was long overdue. I got very lucky with beauty bargains and freebies just before Lockdown 2.0 kicked in so decided to share them with you.


I purchased this straight away for a gift with a specific recipient in mind who loves high end beauty and I love a bargain so it was perfect! L’Occitane were offering a free tin with 2 mini hand creams in worth £7 with any purchase and 15% off. I purchased one of the cheapest items on the website and with the discount code it was £3.40. Delivery into store was free and I got incredibly lucky that this arrived the day before we went into Lockdown 2.0. Gift wrapping was also free and the parcel included a card with personalised message as well as 3 skincare samples all in a lovely bright yellow bag. I couldn’t be happier with this for a present and almost wish I’d order 2 lots now!

Charles Worthington Full Size Hair Products – Boots

I’ve got into the habit whenever I’m in Boots or Superdrug and time allows to just have a good browse. Last month I saw full size bottles of Charles Worthington hair conditioner with an RRP of £7.99 for just £2. I took 2 bottles to the till and was told they were on a 3 for 2 offer so I grabbed a 3rd. With 10% student discount I paid £3.60 for £23.97 worth of hair product. These will make the perfect addition to some beauty hampers I’m making for friends and also for me to keep the price of hair washing super low!

House Of Fraser – New Loyalty Club

I saw HoF were offering free beauty bags to those who signed up in store to their new rewards scheme. Images of the bags I saw online included a full size can of dry shampoo and as I needed a bottle of this anyway decided to claim whilst picking up my L’Occitane order. Inside was a dry shampoo, 2 full size lip balms, a box of beauty wipes and a Guerlain sample. I needed a new lip balm as well so was really pleased with this considering they had an RRP of £5 each. The whole bag of products was worth around £16 and some items will be added to Christmas gifts.

Feel Unique Beauty Kit

I was so impressed with this I wrote an entire post on it with the details of the huge savings I made. I was also pleased that the packaging was entirely recyclable as an added bonus!

Estee Lauder

This will forever be a brand close to my heart as their Double Wear foundation transformed my confidence when my acne was at its worse and thought of leaving the house without make up terrified me. I paid a grand total of £5.50 including shipping for everything in this image. The pencil sharpener I purchased, the bag and deluxe samples a gift and the 2 sachets were an addition at the checkout.

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October ’20 Freebies

As always at the end of every month I like to post a round up of all the freebies I collected. I have to confess that this month I haven’t been keeping a running tally as items have arrived in the post or as I’ve claimed them so this list may not be a full summary. As always I tend to post items as I get them on my Instagram account.

Via the Shopmium App (cashback received via PayPal after purchase). The referal code “g2ye4k” will earn you a free tube of Pringles when you sign up.

  • BeLeaf Dairy Free yoghurt
  • Peperami Chicken bites
  • McVities VIB biscuits
  • Flipz Dark Chocolate pretzels
  • Vo5 Post Gym Refresher spray
  • Vo5 Frizz Free cream

Elizabeth Arden Hyaluronic Acid Capsules via a sponsored social media advert. This was a really generous sized sample with 7 individual capsules in a large tube.

Paco Rabanne Fragrance x2. One came via a sponsored Facebook advert and another via the Boots app. I’ve written a whole post on all the perks of the Boots app which you can find here.

Valentino, Jo Malone and Carolina Herrera Perfumes via sponsored social media adverts.

Bumble and Bumble hair mask via a sponsored Facebook advert

Livia’s Nugglets. I applied via a social media advert to try these a few months back and realised I never received them. I contacted the brand whose customer service was brilliant and they sent me a small bag of these in the post. I was particularly keen to try them as they’re dairy free and low sugar.

Kiehl’s Moisturiser via a sponsored social media advert. This was a really generous small tub.

Aveda Leave In Hair Conditioner again from a sponsored Facebook advert

Bare Minerals skincare sample sachets via a sponsored social media advert

Laura Mercier Pressed Powder sample again via a Facebook advert

Nars Climax Extreme Mascara via Send Me A Sample

Perfume samples from Lancome, YSL and Armani both via sponsored adverts

Conscious Dark Chocolate I received a full size bar of this 100% dark chocolate with no added sugars via a promotion on the company’s website. Delivery was free.

Chanel Perfume and Mascara from tbe Debenhams Beauty Club

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