Being A Low Cost Plant Mum – Ways To Save Money On House Plants, Cheap Places To Buy Them & Easy Ways I’ve Found To Keep Them Alive

It started with a few small cacti before escalating as a won a £50 IKEA voucher last summer and used this to get a Monstera, or cheese plant, which I’d coveted for years but had worried about keeping it alive as I’d never had a large houseplant before. I would never had spent £15 on a large plant with no plant care experience so am still really happy I won the voucher. Below are a few of the ways I’ve saved money on plants as well as things that have helped to keep them healthy. I am by no means a green fingered expert and I have lost a few along the way over the last couple of years. I am currently the proud owner of around 12 indoor plants which are all going through a major growth spurt thanks to the summer weather!

Low Cost Places To Buy Houseplants

Wilko – I picked up an Anthurium for £5 in Wilko. I’ve seen virtually identical plants to mine for £12+ in places like Homebase and even B&Q. It’s hard to predict what Wilko will have in store and often the plants look like they need a little TLC but I’ve seen Bromeliads again for £5 instead of £12-15+. They also have a good range of tiny cacti that are reasonably priced.

Sainsbury – they have some amazingly priced houseplants with many in ceramic pots for around the same price as what you could expect to pay for the pot alone. I don’t usually rate this supermarket for value for money but was really impressed by the price tags on plants I’ve seen on a couple of visits. I’ve been very tempted on more than one occasion to add to my collection.

B&Q – whilst some are still pricey B&Q on the whole does have some well price plants. On a recent visit I saw a whole wall’s worth of plants wrapped in brown paper packaging for £4.50 in pots which were 12cm diameter including cult favourites like spider plants, ferns and many other leafy plants with pretty foliage.

Facebook Marketplace – in my local area I’ve seen spider plant cuttings starting as low as £1. This is a great place to start looking.

Ikea – has some low cost cacti options with 3 in a pack for £5 including lovely little ceramic pots for them. The only thing I don’t like about this is that you can’t pick the 3 you want as they come in a multipack.

Tesco – I’ve picked up a mini cacti or two in Tesco. I find these to be pretty well priced and generally well looked after.

Don’t Be Afraid To Barter

Yes, this might sound mad but I’d had my eye on a Spotted Begonia for about a year before eventually finding one in a local shop. They were £8 but all had incredibly dried out soil, some damage to their leaves and the tips of the leaves looked dry and crusty on a few of them. The plant definitely didn’t look it’s best so I took it to the till, explained my concerns and was immediately offered the plant for £4. Since buying it and watering it regularly it’s almost tripled in size and makes me very happy. If you struggle with spot prone skin and need a reminder that spots aren’t ugly I can highly recommend getting yourself one of these plants! Both B&Q and Wilko have reduced plants when I’ve asked. I never abuse this finding fault with perfectly healthy plants.

Do A Little Research

When I first got my cheese plant I read up on the best ways to water them and very quickly came across a few helpful hints and tips which have served me well in the last year. I bought a brilliant second hand book called The Care Of Houseplants very cheaply online which gives problem solving advice e.g. if it has yellow leaves it’s because of x y z. It gives at least 5 problem solving options for each plant in the book to cover most eventualities.

Under Water Not Over Water

I’ve learnt the hard way that it’s almost impossible to save a drowned over watered plant whereas underwatering, in comparison, can be relatively easily corrected. I’ve always erred on the side of caution with watering out of fear that I’ll kill plants off completely by drowning them hence being a fan of the bottom watering technique.

Bottom Watering

I water almost all of my houseplants except the cheese plant, using the method of popping the plant on a saucer, filling this with water and then leaving them to drink it up or not as the case may be. I’ve found this really helpful as sometimes it’s hard to tell if plants need watering and this way it reduces the risk of overwatering or drowning for me! If plants don’t want water they simple don’t suck it up and if the do the saucer ends up emptied.

Be Patient

I never buy loads of plants at once. I tend to pick one up, learn it’s likes and dislikes over a couple of months until I’m confident I can keep it healthy before buying more. I also won’t spend over £10 on a plant, my average is about £5. If a plant isn’t looking it’s best rather than rushing to drastic action I remember not to expect immediate results and not to throw every attempt at problem solving at the plant. I bought a £5 Umbrella Plant in B&Q and no matter what I did with it the odd few leaves kept turning brown and dropping off at first. I tried one new option every 7-10 days such as relocating it, not watering it, etc and eventually it settled down and began churning out very cute tiny umbrellas as it grew.

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Where the real house plant obsession began – my beautiful giant cheese plant for free via an IKEA voucher competition prize

December ’20 – Freebie Haul

In the run up to Christmas I’ll confess I’ve been dreadful at keeping tabs of the freebies I received this month. As ever I tend to post things soon after they arrive to my Instagram account but I was swamped with Christmas preparation and rounding up the end of the year in December. Below are some of the freebies I managed to claim with where I got them from.

2 x Kind mini snack bars – from a sponsored social media advert

La Espanola mini olive oil – Send Me A Sample

Smashbox Super Fan mascara – sponsored Facebook advert

Kenzo Flower perfume – Boots sampling via their app

Mont Blanc explorer aftershave – Boots sampling via their app

Narcisco Rodriguez Pure Musc perfume – unknown

YSL Black Opium perfume – unknown

Cerave Cream To Foam Hydrating Cleanser deluxe sample – via an online link (no longer available)

Cerave Foaming Cleanser deluxe sample – via an online link (no longer available)

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray x 2 – by asking a counter nicely in Debenhams

Alien body moisturiser and YSL perfume samples – by asking a counter nicely in Debenhams

I gifted so many of my freebies as Christmas presents that I’m exciting to start building up my collection in the New Year!

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A Huge Heartfelt Thank You, Happy New Year & Best Wishes For 2021

My last post of 2020 is somehow upon us! As per usual I’m choosing to look on the brightside of what has been an incredibly tough year. I’m thankful that at least 2020 finally gave me the push towards starting this blog. I’ve loved the experience and am so pleased to feel like I’ve found my voice for this site.

I want to say the biggest of thank yous to all those who have supported my little blogging adventure so far. It honestly does mean so much. Never in a million years did I expect in over 7 months or less to hit over 1,300 Instagram followers or have people from over 92 countries read posts I’ve put out into the big wide world. Some have been me wanting to share thrifty tips and others I realise have been skin related rants I’ve therapeutically shared and clearly had a lot to say about! It’s blown my mind slightly to see the stats of this page and my Instagram grow and I honestly am so grateful.

Highlights for me on my blog have been reading comments from others who mention they can relate to my acne journey as its always lovely to be reminded we aren’t alone, others sharing thrifty tips and so much more. Sharing my first guest post with In My Piggy Bank Blog felt like a real moment of triumph for me as I’ve read so many blogs over the years doing this and it was something I’d always wanted to do. I’ve also connected with some wonderfully supportive accounts on Instagram who are either absolute geniuses at bargain hunting and freebie nabbing or empowering individuals within the acne community who truly have helped me to stop hating my skin after 6 years and enabled me to accept it which has been life changing.

So what does the future hold for Forever Saving For A Rainy Day? I fully intend to keep blogging, expect plenty of skincare reviews as heaven help me I still have quite a hoard to get through from 2020 but fear not of course I didn’t pay full price for any of the products! No doubt January will include some very savvy money saving tips as I appreciate we’ll all be feeling the pinch post Christmas. I’d like to broaden out into sharing more of my preloved finds and tips for saving around the house.

I’m fully aware that this New Years will definitely be one to remember as it is the end of a very strange year as opposed to perhaps the big parties most are used to! I wanted to sign off 2020 wishing anyone who has interacted with Forever Saving For A Rainy Day in anyway and wish you all the very best for the next 12 months. Here’s hoping the new year brings us lots of happiness, togetherness when allowed and no national toilet roll shortages!

In all seriousness thank you for being here.

Happy New Year

Forever Saving For A Rainy Day

How To Save Money on Sterling Silver, Gold and Semi Precious Expensive Looking Jewellery

I’ve written a previous post on buying investment pieces and items that I do spend more money on, always buying the best quality I can reasonably justify such as leather handbags and shoes as I find they save me lots of money in the long run. As I have fairly sensitive skin and have never liked large showy accessories jewellery also falls in this category for me.

I’ve been buying sterling silver jewellery for over 10 years and still wear the very first few items I bought. The pieces weren’t expensive to begin with but better quality than lots of cheap jewellery I see on the high street. I got fed up of mild skin irritations, fingers turning green and the lowest quality of metal I can wear as earrings is sterling silver so I made the switch for all my jewellery to be 925 silver or hypoallergenic. Read on for some tips on how I buy long lasting semi-precious jewellery without breaking the bank.

Accessorize Sales For 925 Silver and “Gold”

My first silver necklace was from Accessorize 10 years ago, I paid £9 for it and it’s still going strong all these years later even after me sleeping and showering in it countless times. I have a lot of 925 rings and a few necklaces from this shop and always take advantage of their 70% off sales. I never pay full price. They now have a few items of gold plated sterling silver too. use Swarovski crystals and some semi precious gemstones so items look far more expensive than prices you can pick them up for. In July I bought this ring with an RRP of £17 for £4.20. It was in the sale, then I signed up to their loyalty club and got a voucher for a further 20% off. I find their 925 range to be really good quality and its easy to pick up items very cheaply on clearance.

Other Shops For 925 Silver, “Gold” and “Rose Gold”

I own one silver ring from Sainsbury which I paid for half using my Nectar points so it cost me around £5. I’ve had it 1 year and worn it virtually every day since buying it with no issues and I wear it in the shower and when sleeping. I’ve previously bought bracelets around the £10 mark from Debenhams Simply Silver range as they also have rose gold and gold plated delicate items. Again I’ve found these wear really after having them for several years, rarely taking them off and they’re often heavily discounted in the sales. I’ve bought 925 earrings from Claire’s Accessories before back when it was really hard to find silver items on the high street and I wasn’t hugely impressed with the quality finding a few items broke quickly. I’m aware of Lovisa having quite a wide range of 925 items but have yet to purchase anything from there as I only tend to buy jewellery now for special occasions or if there’s a very specific item I want.

Buy Second Hand

I’ve bought a few silver rings in the past from car boot sales after checking they were stamped with hallmarks. The red multi stone ring shown below came from a car boot sale for £10.

Necklace and centre ring: Accessories clearance sales,
Cubic zirconia trinity ring: Sainsbury (half paid with Nectar points)
Red / clear ring £10 from a car boot sale

“Gold” Earrings & Faux Opals

Most of my earrings look like small gold studs and I’ve had them over 5 years but they are in fact gold anodised titanium barbells from body jewellery sites like JoBananas and Serenity Jewellery. I’ve had 1 tiny gold stud with a green gem in one of my piercings for 5 1/2 years, the plating hasn’t worn away, the gem is still in tact, it looks as good as the day I bought it. The full stud cost me under £5 which with over 5 years of wear I think is brilliant value for money. The gems individually are £1.75 which is all I’d have to pay if I decided I wanted another colour as it would attach to the existing stud I have.

Lots of titanium body jewellery now comes in gold and rose gold plating with faux opals which look beautiful and are far cheaper than the real thing. I’ve again been wearing some of these constantly for between 3-5 years and they look as good as the day I bought them. I’ve never paid more than £12 for one gold titanium anodised hoop or stud despite the jewellery looking far more expensive. As all the ones I’ve purchased have lasted so well it’s very rare that I buy new replacements, especially as I find the screw closures more secure than butterfly studs and they’re more comfortable to wear. I choose titanium as I have particularly sensitive skin but if you don’t anodised surgical steel is an even cheaper option. A quick Google shows me that 3mm 9ct gold ball studs cost upwards of £20. Buying anodised titanium studs like I wear can cost under £6 yet look virtually identical when worn.

I’ve accumulated quite a collection buying sale items or making the most of promotions over the years and things lasting so well. I think I’ve had 2 rings break from Accessorize after heavy wear over a 6+ year period when I paid under £3 each for them. Otherwise all are going strong so this has never put me off buying from them. I love my jewellery collection as it holds such sentimental value as I started only buying items for big occasions like birthdays, holiday’s abroad or receiving items as gifts.

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