REN EverCalm Global Protection Day Cream Review – Eco Conscious Moisturiser Used On Acne Prone Combination Skin

As a brand I love what REN are doing. I’ve tried their Ready Steady Glow toner and really like it so a combination of the two makes me keen to try more from REN. A wonderfully kind Instagram follower sent me a deluxe sample of this product which I’ve now almost emptied so here comes the review.

Why I Like REN As A Brand

They’re tag line is “clean skincare”. At the time of publishing this 68% of their product meet the brand’s zero waste pledge. They anticipate being zero waste by the end of this year. They’ve also joined forces with a handful of other skincare brands pledging to make positive changes and all be zero waste by 2025 noting that the impact will be greater if they work together. REN are actively making changes such as designing the world’s first aluminium skincare sample packaging which they anticipate, based on their yearly forecasts, could save 900kg of plastic from landfill in 2021 alone. They’ve removed things like harder to recycle pipettes in favour of new packaging designs to reduce waste. Their packaging is all designed to be recyclable, containing recyclable materials and suitable for reusing. Materials include glass, aluminium and post-consumer-recycled plastic so it isn’t virgin plastic. They strike me as a brand that doesn’t just talk about wanting to do better for the planet but one that is implementing changes and fast which I love to see.

I’ve previously only ever tried 1 product from REN which is their Ready Steady Glow exfoliant. The more exfoliants I tried from other brands the more I’ve been keen to return to this. The product was not only eco friendlier than the competitors I tried but more effective with the formula doing the job I wanted it to.

Review Of REN Evercalm Day Cream

It retails for £38 for 50ml.

I have seen this on the TK Maxx website selling for £14.99 which is much closer to what I’d typically spend on a day cream. I personally wouldn’t pay £38 for it but that is no reflection on the product and more on my spending limits for beauty!

It has a beautiful luxurious scent to it that is gentle and I find it really calming. I’m fully aware this is a day cream but I have used this a few times during my evening skincare routine as I find the smell so de-stressing and relaxing. It feels like a real moment of self care to use which is on a whole other level compared to my usual products. The best way I can think to describe the comforting scent is that it felt like a hug for my face. Given that this is designed to nourish and combat skin discomfort I was a little surprised by the scent, assuming it to be fragrance free, but this didn’t irritate my skin in any way.

Texture-wise it is a cream formula with a little going a long way. I first squeezed out the same size quantity as my usual gel moisturiser and was there for quite some time rubbing it all in with my face looking very ghostly in the process. Once I’d got used to using a smaller amount I didn’t have this issue but I will say it required more rubbing in than most moisturisers I’m used to including Cetaphil’s Rich Night Cream which is a thick cream texture.

Did it make me break out? No, not at all. Given the amount of rubbing needed for this to absorb into my skin and it being thicker than usual formulas I’m used to I was a little hesitant but can report no extra spots as a result of introducing this into my routine.

It helped to soothe and ease sensitisation after I accidentally went in a little heavy with some new skincare that had active ingredients in.

The Final Word

Would I buy this? Whilst writing this review I had the TK Maxx tab open to where it was on offer for £14.99 and couldn’t bring myself to close it. I was on the fence because whilst I wanted to buy it I had a few reservations. Pros for buying included that it met my requirements for being more environmentally conscious as I’m really trying to make better product choices with this in mind. I was also aware that my skin tends to need a bit of extra nourishment in winter. I felt that this would be great for that time of year and I didn’t have anything lined up in my stash.

The only thing which put me off this purchase is that I’ve been dedicated to my day cream, the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ now for over 6 years. It does a wonderful job of addressing breakouts and helping me to manage my acne prone skin, removing this from my routine feels unsettling. I see it as a trusted friend. But I have other products in my routine like The Ordinary Niacinamide serum which addresses spots and hyperpigmentation and being without the LRP during this trial period has been fine. It may be labelled as a day cream but I can see myself reaching for this more in the evenings which means this would replace the Cetaphil Rich Night Cream that I relied on last winter.

Long story short, I placed an online order for £14.99. It’s a product that I really enjoy using, I was able to justify space in my routine for it, it’ll mean an eco swap and ultimately I was never going to own a bottle at full price.

Plastic Free July – Reflecting On My Eco Swaps & Cheap Ways To Be More Eco Friendly, Reduce Waste & Consumption

I am far from perfect when it comes to being eco friendly but I am really trying. I don’t live a zero waste life and I don’t get it right all of the time but I think it’s better to be imperfect and trying to help the planet than do nothing at all. I’ve made a lot of progress in the last 12 months at making my life more environmentally friendly which prompted me to put together this post.

Food & Drink

Took a refillable bottle to work and used the chilled carbon neutral water filter to stay hydrated. Any plastic drinks bottles I did get I kept to a minimum and have kept to reuse for purposes like watering my house plants, using to make ice blocks for picnics etc.

Picked up 4 free 1L cartons of plant-based milk via the brilliant cash back app Green Jinn.

Took reusable bags to the supermarket during every food shop or running errands so needed 0 plastic bags or paper bags. I find leaving one folded up in my handbag or where I keep my jackets and shoes really helpful so I never forget a bag.

Prioritised buying fruit and vegetables loose with no packaging including potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, apples, broccoli, cauliflower etc. I’m really pleased that supermarkets are offering more products without plastic packaging in places like Tesco and Sainsbury but it still frustrates me that items like cucumbers are all shrink wrapped?! I caved only to buy clearance berries but otherwise stuck with zero packaging buys.

I made a conscious effort to check items I bought more thoroughly to see if the packaging could be recycled or not and then bought whichever was the better option. I’m intending to research local refillable stores for the future as well as finding my local Terracycle collection point for things like crisp packets.

I bought a lot of clearance food which I feel should be mentioned as not only does it save me money but counts towards reducing food waste.


Used zero waste deodorant from Wild Refill – A Review of Wild Refill – Zero Waste Eco Friendly Deodorant . I love this product, I’ve tried 2 of their scents now and completely trust this product to keep me smelling fresh even when the British weather decides to be summery and hot. I like that it also hasn’t caused me any skin irritation as I have experienced this in the past with other deodorants. The scents are also great, for years I took to buying men’s deodorant as I hate the cheap, fake flowery smell of so many women’s ones that remind me of toilet air freshener. These scents are delicate, fresh and I can still smell them at the end of the day.

Used zero waste razors from Friction Free Shaving and accompanying skincare products – Review of Friction Free Shaving Zero Waste Eco Friendly Blossom Razor & 1 Smooth, 2 Remove, 3 Soothe Hair Removal Products . Since switching to these I’ve had zero accidental cuts which is amazing for me as I’ve always been prone to nicking my ankles or knees when in a hurry.

Picked up a free mini of The Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Balm which comes in a fully recyclable pretty aluminium tin to replace the Garnier Micellar water which I’ve been using for years to remove make up. I used my £5 birthday voucher from TBS’s Love Your Body club on this. I have a wash cloth I can use with this which saves cotton pads being used too.

Had 2 small baths using packaging free bath bombs from Lush picked up for free via the brilliant community app Olio which aims to reduce waste and encourage helping others.

Used paper wrapped bar soap instead of shower gel or hand wash. This is such a cheap easy swap to make.

Began research into more eco beauty swaps that I can make as I work my way through my beauty stash. I hope to replace any empties with an effective product that is more planet friendly.

Around The Home

Reused an empty rinsed plastic spray cleaning bottle to water my house plants.

Did the laundry at 30 degrees putting on one big load a week. I never put the machine on unless I have a full load of clothes or bedding etc as it feels like such a waste. Once the non bio pods I’m using at the moment have run out I’m intending to buy an Eco Egg or try Smol laundry products as they’re better for the environment. I’d also like to note that all of the clothes I wore for work were preloved, largely from charity shops, and no fast fashion was purchased this month.

Unplugged or switched electrical devices off at the wall when not in use to avoid using extra electricity for example the television, microwave, kettle and my phone charger.

Bought toilet roll made from recycled paper which comes wrapped in paper instead of the usual plastic. It’s always driven me mad that loo roll comes in plastic packaging as I find it so unnecessary. I don’t buy kitchen roll but have noted it’s possible to get this wrapped in paper now too in stores like Tesco and Aldi.

Recycled anything labelled as “recycle at larger stores” in their collection bins. I used this for any cereal bags, frozen food packaging etc.

Saved any cardboard boxes or padded envelopes from any click and collect orders or work deliveries to reuse for sending gifts or any online sales. Wherever possible I shopped in stores for things I needed.


I either walked everywhere when the weather was nice, took a bus when it rained or car shared.

The Final Word

I have a long way to go but wanted to end this post by saying that one of the most eco friendly things to do is using what you already have until you physically can’t anymore. This is exactly what I’m doing with everything from plastic bottles, existing opened cleaning products etc before gradually upgrading to something that is better for the planet whilst being affordable. It makes zero sense to chuck things away when they work.

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Low Cost & Easily Accessible Eco Friendly Beauty Swaps That I Plan To Make

In the last few months I’ve been trying really hard to clean up my beauty act. I’ve swapped to zero waste razors and deodorant, given up plastic bottled soaps and gels for paper wrapped bars and tried to prioritise brands with better eco credentials. I know I still have a long way to go. The only reason these swaps are in the pipeline and haven’t already happened is because I have a stash of beauty products or essentials to work my way through. As someone who likes to make the most of their money I’ll often stock up on items I trust or rely on in advance of needing them to ensure I’m not caught out having to pay full price which means I’ve accumulated quite the stash.

Bar Soap Facial Cleanser

I’m aware that last year I mentioned wanting to try Carbon Theory’s bar cleanser but have found such conflicting advice online that I was put off from this. Reviews I read said the formula could be quite drying and as I use prescription acne treatment or ingredients like Benzoyl Peroxide, AHAs, BHAs which can be drying I now use and need a more hydrating cleanser. I’ve seen that Cerave, one of my favourite brands for cleansers, released their famous formulas in bar form with cardboard packaging. So far I’ve yet to see this on sale in the UK in stores but have seen it on Amazon and as I love the original bottled formulas I’ve a lot more confidence that my skin will get on well with this. I think Cerave must be sick of me and my enthusiasm for this product on Instagram as I keep trying to find out when I might be able to buy this in UK stores!

Via Instagram SebaMed UK’s cleansing bar came onto my radar. It too comes in cardboard packaging, has a ph of 5.5 and is designed for sensitive acne prone skin meaning it is gentle and non stripping.

Once my stash of bottled cleansers has been worked through I’ll be transitioning over to one of these alternatives. Interestingly I recently saw online that Nivea have released bar facial cleansers and I’m aware The Body Shop also have a variety. I’m just incredibly fussy as my skin is very acne prone but if yours is less temperamental than mine and your face is less likely to break out faster than you can say “spots” then this is becoming a really easy swap to make.

Bar Shampoo or Refillable Shampoo

I am thrilled that The Body Shop now have refill stations in their stores up and down the country. I didn’t expect my smaller local stores to have this option but both do which made me very happy. As they’re little stores they only have 6 options but this includes 1 hand soap, 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner and 3 shower gels. The shampoo in my local store would be my one of choice out of all their options which was a very happy discovery.

I’m torn between trying the refillable shampoo and Garnier’s new Ultimate Blends bars. I’ve seen these several times in Boots on half price offers making them £3.99 instead of £7 which sounds like a great affordable swap option to me. As they’re stocked in Boots I can see myself using my Advantage Card points to give this a go without spending a penny. I think I’ll try one of their bars first and if I don’t get on with the shampoo bar experience then I’ll go for The Body Shop refillable option as a back up.

I’ve got quite a collection of shampoo bottles that I’ve accumulated from clearance deals thinking these were too good to pass up at the time. I’ll move towards bars once I’ve emptied the bottles I have. I know so many people rave about Lush but their expensive prices put me off slightly when I’ve no idea how I’ll get on with shampoo bars hence waiting it out this long to make an eco switch.

Reusable Cotton Pads

I’ve been incredibly wary of these given that my skin is really acne prone. I didn’t want to potentially waste my money on these. Since delving into using an oil cleanser I’ve been using a wash cloth to remove this and as long as I chuck it in the wash once or twice a week I’ve not had any issues. This has given me the confidence to venture into trying reusable cotton pads. I’d only really be using these for exfoliants and don’t tend to use that many cotton ads as it is hence not making this switch sooner.

One of my wonderful followers and “insta-pals” as she likes to call us, The Acne Pharmacist, kindly sent me a surprise pack of 3 reusable pads recently so I’m really grateful to have the opportunity to try these out.

Plastic Bottle Free Make Up Remover

I’ve been a huge fan of the Garnier Micellar Water since discovering it a few years ago. It’s my go to for removing eye make up as it is cheap, cheerful, highly effective and doesn’t break me out. However, given that I really want to try and make my beauty routines more eco friendly I’m intending to try The Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Butter instead as this comes in an aluminium tin. Their mini retails for £5 and as I’m a loyalty card holder I received a £5 voucher for my birthday month so I was able to pick this up at no cost. All that’s required is a wash cloth which is far better than plastic bottles and disposable cotton pads so I’m really hoping my skin gets on well with this.

More Eco Friendly Body Lotion

I’m aware The Body Shop recently redesigned their packaging for body butters to include an aluminium lid to make them more eco friendly. I’m torn between purchasing this which I’ve used before and enjoy or branching out to try products from Lush. I’m equally open minded about using a moisturising product in a cardboard tube or similar so intend to do my research for when the products I have run out.

I’m open to low cost suggestions of ways I can continue to clean up my beauty routine.

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Review of Friction Free Shaving Zero Waste Eco Friendly Blossom Razor & 1 Smooth, 2 Remove, 3 Soothe Hair Removal Products. Is This Subscription Service Worth It?

Earlier this month I published a blog post about FFS products and all the reasons I was incredibly excited to try them. In short, they’re an eco friendly, zero waste beauty company which offer not only plastic-free razors with recyclable blade heads but also beauty products in sustainable packaging. I was kindly gifted these products from Friction Free Shaving with no obligation to provide blog posts but as I love finding effective eco swaps and reviewing products I wanted to share my experiences. For a full in-depth recap covering all the things which really excite me about this brand please check out the post below:

My Latest Low Cost Eco Beauty Swap – Plastic Free Razors From Friction Free Shaving – All The Reasons Why I’m Excited For Their Planet Friendly Products.

First Impressions

The handle is weighty and feels luxurious with a nice rubber feeling grip making it easy and comfortable to hold. It feels sturdy and not flimsy. My kit arrived in beautifully presented cardboard packaging which was recyclable. It also fit through the letterbox which for me is perfect as there’s no one home during the day to intercept deliveries.

I received 4 blades, a razor handle, clam shell cover, shower holder and 3 products to try

Subscription Options

FFS offer two different subscription options for their razor blades depending on how frequently the user opts to shave. If you shave most days it is recommended to have a box of 4 blades delivered every month. If you only shave a few times a week the website suggests having a delivery every other month.

My 16-year-old-self would read this in horror but I don’t shave daily. I don’t even shave every other day as I’m fortunately blessed with light body hair and to be frank, I shave when I want to and can be bothered which generally amounts to two to three times a week maximum. On their website FFS recommend using a razor for a week if you shave daily before changing the head. So based on this I decided to use one head for 6 uses before swapping to a new one. This means one head would last me 2 to 3 weeks. This means 4 razor heads would last me between 8-12 weeks depending on my shaving frequencies which I think works out to be great value for money.

The (affiliate) code: BLG_RAINYDAY saves £3 on subscription sets. You can also follow this link.

Using The Razor

Firstly I was really happy to discover that clipping the blades onto the handle out of their protective packaging was incredibly easy. I was a bit wary of this but I felt perfectly save and there was minimal to no risk of me injuring myself during this process.

I’m usually prone to nicking myself around my ankles or knees when shaving but 3 weeks into using these I hadn’t had a single cut and began to wonder if it was even possible for this to happen. The head of the razor moves and glides perfectly around contours of the body making this the simplest razor to use that I’ve ever tried. I did drop it at one point and worried that I’d done some damage as the razor head came off but this popped back on with no issues.

I found this incredible for shaving my legs and so easy to use. I liked the weight of the razor. With each use I got bolder with shaving areas I’d previously have deemed a bit tricky until I’d nailed ankles, knees, the backs of my legs etc perfectly. I definitely experienced a close shave and felt that I could go an extra day without shaving compared to my previous razors that I’d swapped from which was yet another bonus. When it came to shaving my under arms I found this a bit more hit and miss until I discovered that I just needed to sweep the razor over my skin in a slightly different angled direction to what I was used to. Rather than straight down I needed a fractional diagonal angle to it. Prior to doing this I’d move the razor over my skin and note I wasn’t hairless so had to go over a few times. Shaving my underarms was the only bit I found a little less successful until I adapted my technique and had no problems from there on.

This razor took a lot of the “I can’t be bothered” out of shaving for me as it made it so straight forward and more satisfying to do.

Using The 1, 2, 3 Products

I love the smooth exfoliant as the grains within the product are so fine rather than big gritty lumps so it doesn’t feel aggressive on the skin. Whilst helping to prep my skin for shaving it also did a wonderful job at helping to even out any awkward fake tanning mistakes around my feet so I really liked using this product.

The shower cream didn’t lather at all like a foam which I half expected and I found that at a result I ploughed through this bottle much quicker than the others. I found it hard to see how much I’d put on my skin as it was virtually transparent when applied so went in a bit heavy handed to ensure I wouldn’t cut myself. It was gentle and helped the razor to glide easily over my skin.

I was hesitant about the smooth lotion as I’ve applied body lotion in the past without thinking after shaving at experienced some wildly tingling or stinging sensations. This didn’t happen at all with this product, it was light weight, absorbed quickly and easily and left my skin feeling hydrating. A little went a really long way so out of the 3 products this one will last me the longest.

None of these had strong overwhelming fragranced smells which I really liked. They felt simple without being boring and I found them very effective. I am still so impressed that the packaging for these is made from sugar cane which is which is apparently a 100% renewable material and totally recyclable whilst having a lower carbon footprint.

The Final Word

Likes: so easy to use, brilliantly simply eco swap, highly effective products at an affordable competitive price

Dislikes: I am being so, so nit picky here but I didn’t love this at first for underarm shaving but very quickly learnt to adapt my shaving technique and from there on out was totally convinced.

I think it’s nice and obvious that for me this was a successful eco swap and I will not be going back to plastic razors at all. Based on my positive experiences with these products I’m keen to branch out into trying more of FFS’s products as I’ve noted on their website they have eco conscious deodorant, fake tan, shampoo bars, lip balm and more.

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A Review of Wild Refill Coconut Dreams – Zero Waste Eco Friendly Deodorant For Sensitive Skin

For transparency I need to begin this post by saying Wild Refill were kind enough to send me one of their aluminium refill cases and a sample of their new, upcoming coconut deodorant formula which is suitable for sensitive skin. All thoughts are my own and I wasn’t obliged to write this review but wanted to share my experiences as, anyone who has visited my blog before, will be aware I’m gradually making simple more environmentally friendly swaps and love reviewing products. Wild had been on my radar for a little while, I’d shared polls on my Instagram asking people who’d tried the products if they were worth buying, so I’m really pleased to have the opportunity to try these out.

Things I Like About The Brand Wild

Their products are zero waste and my package arrived in entirely recyclable wrapping. Wild also plant trees with every purchase in partnership with the charity On A Mission who fund reforestation projects over the world. Over 50,000 trees have been planted so far – it doesn’t say over what time period. I found out through their Instagram stories that if customers don’t get on with their Wild deodorant the aluminium cases can be sent back to Wild for free and recycled via Terracycle so there really is no waste at all. Brilliant. I learnt through the FAQ section of their website that this deodorant won’t leave yellow stains on clothes as this is caused by aluminium, and Wild are aluminium free which is great as I hate those marks that can occur.

First Impressions Before Using The Product

The case feels luxurious, is sleek and aesthetically pleasing compared to typical deodorant packaging. The instructions for use as easy to follow. These were printed on the packaging box and in the leaflet. The deodorant smells lovely without being an overpowering coconut scent which I was happy about as I’m not these biggest coconut lover. The printed writing Coconut Dreams had bled onto the packaging a little which did make me wonder a bit about its shelf life but the Wild website informed me this was just natural oils leeching as a result of using natural ingredients and wouldn’t affect how well the product worked. It stated in the leaflet that there may be a 2 week transition period where my body adjusted to using a natural product.


The aluminium cases are £7. If you are referred by a friend this makes the case free. I’ve set up a referral here – after reading the T&Cs this isn’t affiliate. Refills can be bought either on subscription or a one off purchase. Wild estimate their deodorant blocks last 4-6 weeks with daily use. You can only buy 3 blocks at a time online but you can mix and match scents which I rather like. If you opt for a one off purchase this costs £18 with free shipping or £15 with free shipping on a subscription basis. It is possible to pick how often you want to receive the blocks but they do automatically make this 12 weeks. This date can be altered within your account settings after payment. They offer 15% discount through Student Beans.

I spotted via Wild’s Instagram stories that their products are now stocked in Sainsbury which I think is fantastic as it makes this eco swap even more accessible. It also helps to lower the cost as it’s possible to buy one bar to try upfront instead of 3.

I messaged Wild and they kindly gave me a discount code for my readers and Instagram followers to use – this isn’t affiliate so I won’t earn anything from this – FSFARD20

My Experience Using Wild Refill

I followed all the assembly instructions, which were simple, but couldn’t get my case to twist properly without the bottom partially breaking. I messaged Wild via Instagram with some photos of the issue and received a response that same day which solved the problem entirely. Apparently sometimes the cardboard refill packaging needs a little massaging to heat it up so the deodorant twists easily out of the tube. Mine had simply become very cold and wouldn’t shift! After this bit of jiggling I had zero problems with it.

I have to say, until trying to write this review, I’ve never realised how delicate it can be to write about deodorant!

Weeks 1 and 2 – I read the instructions stating it may take up to 2 weeks for your body to adjust to natural deodorant so started using this when I’d be based at home just in case it turned into a disaster to avoid embarrassment. I didn’t notice throughout the day that I smelt remotely unpleasant but I did feel the need to wash my tops after one wear after giving them a quick sniff test at the end of the day. After gentle exercise during which I did break a slight sweat I didn’t notice any real differences to my usual cheap deodorant product although this isn’t an anti perspirant which was great. I didn’t experience any irritation and the product felt nice and creamy and hydrating. I used a sample of an aerosol deodorant shortly before this product and it stung and left me with dry skin under my arms. This Wild product helped to fix this issue really quickly and didn’t annoy my skin.

I got used to adapting my morning routine slightly to applying this first to ensure it totally dried before I put my clothes on. Otherwise I ended up with creamy white streaks on some of my clothes.

Weeks 3 and 4 – I was required to work onsite as opposed to staying at home for these weeks. I will mention before launching into reviewing these weeks that my workplace have chosen to keep windows and doors open wherever possible as a Covid-secure measure meaning there were many days I was rather cold! During these weeks, should I have wished to, I felt as though I could have worn tops for more than one wear without needing to wash as at the end of the day my clothes still smelt perfectly of subtle coconut. It’s really hard for me to know how much product is left in the tube but Wild estimate they last 4-6 weeks. I’m hoping to get another 2 weeks out of mine which might coincide with some warmer weather in the UK!

Weeks 5, 6 and beyond… – My deodorant is still going and I don’t remotely feel like I skimped on applying it, if anything I feel like I really whacked in on, particularly in the beginning as I was wary of the mentioned adjustment period. The UK weather finally gave us some hot sunshine in June and Wild didn’t let me down at all. Even after going on some very long walks in the glorious warm weather I didn’t notice any negatives to using this product compared to an anti perspirant. I wasn’t worry about smelling bad or getting really sweaty.

The Final Word

I have since purchased a block of their Orange scent from Sainsbury. I noticed that their sensitive skin formulas still aren’t available on store or online hence deciding to only buy one as opposed to signing up for a subscription. Whilst I wouldn’t say I have overly sensitive skin I’ve noticed with previous deodorants it was very common for me to get flaky dry underarms. This didn’t happen at all with the Wild Coconut Dreams.

If using this orange scent works are successfully for me as their sensitive skin Coconut Dreams then I am converted. This testing period I found really successful and I love all the eco efforts Wild are making as a brand. As this didn’t let me down at all and I can’t find anything really negative to say I would personally find it a bit irresponsible to do back to my old deodorant buying ways!

I’m fully aware that this product is more expensive than the old £1 plastic or plastic and glass deodorants I used to buy but as so many other eco swaps have been lower cost for me it all balances out. I recently bought 4 paper wrapped bars of soap for £1.25 – even if I’d bought the cheapest own brand shower gel or hand soap I’d still be looking at 75p a bottle in Boots which would be £3.

I was able to buy the orange deodorant block with £1.25 cashback (25% off) in Sainsbury via the Green Jinn app during the first week of June. I was thrilled to see this as it saved me money on a planned purchase.

Likes: subtle fresh scent, after quick adjustment period this was reliable and I felt confident I’d remain fresh smelling! stocked in Sainsbury for even greater accessibility

Dislikes: creamy white streaks on clothes if not left to dry properly (it’s been years since I used creamy deodorants but I’ll bet this is the case for non-eco ones also!)

I set up a referral – I’ve read T&Cs and this isn’t affiliate. The code FSFARD20 will knock 20% off purchases thanks to Wild generously setting this up for me, for transparency I won’t earn any money from the use of this code.

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