A Huge Heartfelt Thank You, Happy New Year & Best Wishes For 2021

My last post of 2020 is somehow upon us! As per usual I’m choosing to look on the brightside of what has been an incredibly tough year. I’m thankful that at least 2020 finally gave me the push towards starting this blog. I’ve loved the experience and am so pleased to feel like I’ve found my voice for this site.

I want to say the biggest of thank yous to all those who have supported my little blogging adventure so far. It honestly does mean so much. Never in a million years did I expect in over 7 months or less to hit over 1,300 Instagram followers or have people from over 92 countries read posts I’ve put out into the big wide world. Some have been me wanting to share thrifty tips and others I realise have been skin related rants I’ve therapeutically shared and clearly had a lot to say about! It’s blown my mind slightly to see the stats of this page and my Instagram grow and I honestly am so grateful.

Highlights for me on my blog have been reading comments from others who mention they can relate to my acne journey as its always lovely to be reminded we aren’t alone, others sharing thrifty tips and so much more. Sharing my first guest post with In My Piggy Bank Blog felt like a real moment of triumph for me as I’ve read so many blogs over the years doing this and it was something I’d always wanted to do. I’ve also connected with some wonderfully supportive accounts on Instagram who are either absolute geniuses at bargain hunting and freebie nabbing or empowering individuals within the acne community who truly have helped me to stop hating my skin after 6 years and enabled me to accept it which has been life changing.

So what does the future hold for Forever Saving For A Rainy Day? I fully intend to keep blogging, expect plenty of skincare reviews as heaven help me I still have quite a hoard to get through from 2020 but fear not of course I didn’t pay full price for any of the products! No doubt January will include some very savvy money saving tips as I appreciate we’ll all be feeling the pinch post Christmas. I’d like to broaden out into sharing more of my preloved finds and tips for saving around the house.

I’m fully aware that this New Years will definitely be one to remember as it is the end of a very strange year as opposed to perhaps the big parties most are used to! I wanted to sign off 2020 wishing anyone who has interacted with Forever Saving For A Rainy Day in anyway and wish you all the very best for the next 12 months. Here’s hoping the new year brings us lots of happiness, togetherness when allowed and no national toilet roll shortages!

In all seriousness thank you for being here.

Happy New Year

Forever Saving For A Rainy Day

Why I’m Grateful Now More Than Ever To Be Low Maintenance & Its Financial Benefits

Not long after the UK went into lockdown I began to hear or read the panicked cries from those worried about beauty services being unavailable and I just didn’t get it. Whilst I was trying to buy much needed toothpaste and shampoo in an online order at the start of these new control measures a flatmate of mine was attempting to score 3 boxes of hair dye for “urgent” upkeep which is not something I can relate to. We’ve been encouraged to stay at home therefore are only seeing people via a tiny webcam, those we live with or the postman from a 2m distance. I appreciate that a little self care can improve your mood but I’ve even gone so far as to have work meetings via Zoom with no make up on when my colleagues have previously only ever seen me with light foundation applied to mask my acne / scarring. I’ve found it a fairly refreshing change as all the norms have been thrown out the window. I’m choosing to embrace that we’re in the middle of a global pandemic not a beauty pageant therefore the usual “rules” don’t apply.

It’s made me reflect on just how low maintenance I am, whilst obviously still wanting to look nice, and the savings I make as a result.


Lockdown hair cuts fairly quickly became a thing particularly with people trying to cut fringes. To me this wasn’t really a new concept. I have long straight hair that is typically cut in a salon 2-3 times a year at best and a side fringe that I’ve always just trimmed myself when necessary as it’s convenient and easy enough. It’s pretty forgiving and I’ve never had any horror story experiences by doing this. The ends I leave to a salon. Colour-wise I’ve never put a box dye on my hair as I don’t want the faff of upkeep when inevitably my roots would grow through. I’ve had it balayage-d twice in the last 3 years using GroupOn deals, it lasts really well and requires basically no maintenance. I own one hair brush and one heated styling tool – a hair dryer – which is only really used in the winter and don’t own products beyond shampoo, conditioner and dry shampoo. I’ve never bothered with straighteners and if I want beachy waves I sleep in french braids with slightly damp hair.


I’ve never had my nails done in a salon. I’ve been doing my own since I was in my early teens and weekly paint jobs have meant that over the years I’ve become fairly decent at a DIY manicure. My basic routine and how to save money on quality nail polish can be found here. A very quick Google gave me a figure of around £10 for just a generic polish manicure in a salon all the way up to £30 for gel. I mostly do mine weekly with normal nail varnish which according to these prices would cost me over £500 a year!


I’ve never had a facial or cosmetic procedure on my face and plan to stay that way. Given my adult acne which can be temperamental I’ve always just steered clear of anything that could aggravate it and stuck to a skin care and prescription routine that does a good enough job for me. I wouldn’t want to add anything else into the mix to be on the safe side. I’ve never had my eyebrows threaded and just tidy them up myself if needed. This won’t come as any surprise given all the services I’ve listed that I dodge so far but I’ve also never had eyelashes tinted or extended and have no interest in ever trying. I haven’t worn any make up beyond lip balm since lockdown began meaning my usual products will last a lot longer and save me more in the long run.


I’ve never had a spray tan or bothered with salon hair removal services instead opting for a DIY job at home and am happy with this. If I look particularly ghostly I’ll sometimes opt for a tinted body moisturiser for less than £5 and one bottle lasts me about a year. Otherwise I’m really relaxed about it all. Having adult acne honestly made me appreciate the rest of my body a lot more as it was as it didn’t cause me any grief in comparison so I’m quite happy to just accept things the way they are.

All told I won’t be in the first mad rush back to salons and services when they open. It would be nice to have a hair cut as my last one was December but ultimately I’m not hugely fussed and am happy to wait.

If you have any comments please let me know.

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Freebies From 2020 So Far

It has been SO long since I did a freebies haul post. When I first started blogging on a very relaxed basis back in 2018 I’d post one of these a month with all the items I managed to get in my haul. I’ve decided to pop together a post of the freebies I’ve collected so far this year (that I can remember!). Truth be told I haven’t been as on it with my freebie claims in 2020 due to having a very hectic start to the year. I hope to be back to end-of-the-month haul posts soon but due to lockdown I’m definitely claiming less than usual as in store obviously isn’t really an option. I’ve started to post freebies as I get them on my new Instagram account – forever.saving.for.a.rainy.day

Bloo Toilet Block – not the most exciting! But as far as free things go I’m open to nice smelling cleaning products that arrive through my letter box. I got this from a sponsored social media advert with SoPost.

Calvin Klein Everyone Perfume – again a sponsored Facebook ad in collaboration with SoPost.

Eucerin Anti Pigment Moisturiser – from a Superdrug online delivery. I was really impressed with this, the item I ordered was very similar to this product but out of stock, they sent this sample whilst giving me a refund. Definitely better than nothing!

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream – I filled out a form from one of their social media posts which sent me an email to show in store to redeem a freebie. This has been a total life saver with all the recent hand washing.

Lancome Perfume – from the Debenhams Beauty Club. I’ve been really struggling to get these as in London the freebies disappear in the blink of an eye!

Smashbox Photofinish Primer – Again from a sponsored social media advert with SoPost

Deliciously Ella Chocolate Cups – from a sponsored Instagram story

Boots Magazines – free for Advantage Card holders to pick up in store every couple of months

3 months of free unlimited minutes from O2 – which was announced to all customers once lockdown started to enable us to keep in touch better which I thought was really lovely.

Phase Eight Dress – I purchased a £120 dress for £7.99 in supposedly “immaculate” preloved condition. When it showed up it had a small stain on it, tiny hole in the top and pet hair across the bottom. I complained to the seller that I’d been misled and was immediately given a full refund. 2 rounds of stain spray later in my washing machine and a quick stitch job and it’s now wearable.

Avon Eve Perfume – again a sponsored social media post.

La Mer Eye Cream – another SoPost offer via a promoted advert through Elle magazine. The 3ml sample is worth over £30 and arrived within a week of ordering which was very exciting.

La Mer eye cream freebie worth £36

Lenor Scent Booster – I finally signed up to Super Savvy Me (part of P&G) and was instantly offered a free sample sachet of scent booster for my laundry which will definitely be used with my bedding!

I’ve heard about Shopmium but as I only live near small express supermarkets I’ve yet to give it a try as I can’t imagine I’ll be able to redeem very much. I plan to look into this for the future.

If you’ve any tips for picking up freebies I’d love to hear them in the comments!