Easy Eco Friendly Beauty Swaps I’ve Made – Many Of Which Are Cheap or Low Cost

I decided to write this post after having a shower the other day using bar soap instead of bottled shower gel, realising I was shaving with a zero waste razor then getting out to apply zero waste deodorant and realised I’d come a long way with positive changes.

I’m fully aware that I still have along way to go when it comes to making my beauty routine or bathroom more environmentally friendly. Below are just some of the ways I’ve started to make improvements. It’s worth noting that as a frugal bargain hunter I’ve accumulated a stash of products I trust and essentials meaning I’ve got to work my way through these before making eco switches. I have many more swaps in the pipeline which I intend to make beyond the few examples listed below.

Giving Up Bottles of Hand Soap & Shower Gel For Paper Wrapped Soap or Packaging Free Alternatives

I’ve swapped to bars of soap which come wrapped in fully recyclable or biodegradable packaging like paper. This was an easy swap and I’m fully converted to life with bar soaps now. It’s easy to find paper wrapped bar soaps in general shops like Boots, Superdrug, Tesco and more making this swap budget friendly and accessible. I’ve bought 1 large bar and used a sharp knife to chop it in two pieces to use one lump at the sink and the rest in my shower. I’ve picked up branded bars in paper packaging for as little as 49p. I thought using bar soap would get horribly messy or be annoying as I wear rings but it’s been no bother. I keep my bar in the shower in an empty hair conditioner tub which saved me buying a special container, keeps it from being washed away excessively in the shower and means a tub is being reused so it’s win win all round from me.

I recently picked up a large bag of unwanted Lush products from someone local via Olio. They were advertised as soap but turned out to be bubble bath bars. I wouldn’t normally buy bubble bath at all but like that I’m able to try these zero waste ones and save them from being thrown out. I wouldn’t buy bottled bubble bath.

Giving Up Buying Some Items Altogether

  • Plastic shower scrubbies
  • Unnecessary extra products
  • Plastic cotton buds

Last year I stopped buying those plastic shower puffs or scrubbies and realised I could make do perfectly fine without them. I don’t buy plastic cotton buds and am now aware that if I decided I needed cotton buds reusable silicone swabs exist as well as bamboo ones which are biodegradable. I discovered via Holland and Barrett’s website and Home Bargains that even bamboo interdental tooth picks now exist which is great if anyone is seeking a plastic free alternative.

Goodbye Toilet Paper Wrapped In Plastic

I’ve always lived in places without much storage so never been able to give companies like Who Gives A Crap a go as I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere to keep the giant boxes of loo roll. Last year I discovered Tesco sell 9 rolls of 3 ply toilet roll make entirely from recycled sources wrapped in paper which is also recyclable. The quality is fine and since buying my first pack I haven’t looked back. I’ve seen via Instagram that Aldi now offer toilet paper wrapped in paper packaging too and love that this is becoming more accessible.

Looking For More Eco Friendly Skincare Suitable For Acne Prone Skin

My skin is very fussy and breaks out at the drop of a hat so finding effective formulas that are also less damaging for the planet hasn’t been the easiest. I’ve been hunting for companies which use more eco friendly packaging such as biodegradable or fully recyclable made from recycled plastic. I’ve equally been trying to find products with packaging I feel I can reuse and upcycle as well. Below are some of the brands or products I’ve tried and some others I love:

  • The Body Shop – Himalayan Charcoal Mask – Love
  • REN – Ready Steady Glow AHA / BHA Toner – Love
  • Bolt Beauty – I tried their Vitamin A Game capsules and have added these to my skincare wishlist to buy a large pack of in the future as I liked them lots from first impressions.

Eco Friendly Skincare – Bolt Beauty Stackable Review – Filthy Clean Cleanser, Glow Don’t Shine + Vitamin A Game Serums & Mad About Moisture Used On Acne Prone Skin

Being Far More Mindful Of What I’m Buying

I have quite a hoard of beauty products that I’ve either picked up when deals have been too good to resist, or that I’ve received for birthday or Christmas presents in the last 12 months. I’ve made a list of all of these to work my way through to not only save me money but also to make me more mindful of what I’ve buying. I fully intend to replace items with more environmentally friendly alternatives once I’ve gone through the products I have. For example I’m keen to find a more planet friendly body lotion that doesn’t come in a single use plastic bottle once mine are empty.

Wild Refill Deodorant

I was very fortunate to be gifted a Wild Refill case and a sample of their new upcoming sensitive skin zero-waste deodorant. It mentioned that it may take up to two weeks for your body to adjust to using a natural formula but I found this an easy transition. I love the ethos of this company, the packaging for the deodorant’s is compostable, the cases can even be recycled with Terracycle for free if you don’t get on with the product. I have since bought one block in their orange scent from Sainsbury and will continue to work my way through the flavours as I trust this product to keep me smelling fresh whilst being better for the environment!

Each refill works out at £5 which is pricier than deodorants I’d buy previously which cost £1. They offer 10% off for new customers and 15% student discount. Individual bars can be bought in Sainsbury. I messaged Wild and they kindly gave me a discount code for my readers and Instagram followers to use – this isn’t affiliate so I won’t earn anything from this – FSFARD20

Friction Free Shaving Razors

I wish I’d found these razors sooner as I haven’t had any awkward shaving cuts since this swap. I’m really grateful to FFS for gifting me this starter set to try and will be purchasing blades in the near future. I won’t be going back to single use razors again. They have a blade recycling scheme and the handles are made from aluminium which feels far more slick than any plastic handle I’ve ever held. Huge fan. The (affiliate) code: BLG_RAINYDAY saves £3 on subscription sets. You can also follow this link.

Refillable Glasses Cleaner

My local optician offers a spray bottle of glass cleanser which they refill for free after you purchase it once or spend over a certain amount on glasses. I’m really pleased with this refillable bottle option as it is far better for the planet than using disposable wipes and accumulating all the packaging they come in. I’m unsure if large optician chains offer services like this but it can’t hurt to ask.

With every product I use up I try to purchase a more eco alternative that is of a similar cost to my previous product. I’m always open to suggestions.

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6 thoughts on “Easy Eco Friendly Beauty Swaps I’ve Made – Many Of Which Are Cheap or Low Cost

  1. Love this! I should check out those razors. I’d love to switch to a refillable deodorant, but is Wild all about the “aluminium-free” thing? Coz those don’t work for me.. I need a strong anti-perspirant..

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  2. That’s fantastic that you’ve made so many eco-friendly swaps. I agree totally on the bars. I’ve switched to unwrapped soap, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer and deodorant bars. So much less waste and so convenient. It’s great that you’re finding paper wrapped toilet paper in the UK. Here in Canada, our TP is still wrapped in plastic. So frustrating.

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