Review of Friction Free Shaving Zero Waste Eco Friendly Blossom Razor & 1 Smooth, 2 Remove, 3 Soothe Hair Removal Products. Is This Subscription Service Worth It?

Earlier this month I published a blog post about FFS products and all the reasons I was incredibly excited to try them. In short, they’re an eco friendly, zero waste beauty company which offer not only plastic-free razors with recyclable blade heads but also beauty products in sustainable packaging. I was kindly gifted these products from Friction Free Shaving with no obligation to provide blog posts but as I love finding effective eco swaps and reviewing products I wanted to share my experiences. For a full in-depth recap covering all the things which really excite me about this brand please check out the post below:

My Latest Low Cost Eco Beauty Swap – Plastic Free Razors From Friction Free Shaving – All The Reasons Why I’m Excited For Their Planet Friendly Products.

First Impressions

The handle is weighty and feels luxurious with a nice rubber feeling grip making it easy and comfortable to hold. It feels sturdy and not flimsy. My kit arrived in beautifully presented cardboard packaging which was recyclable. It also fit through the letterbox which for me is perfect as there’s no one home during the day to intercept deliveries.

I received 4 blades, a razor handle, clam shell cover, shower holder and 3 products to try

Subscription Options

FFS offer two different subscription options for their razor blades depending on how frequently the user opts to shave. If you shave most days it is recommended to have a box of 4 blades delivered every month. If you only shave a few times a week the website suggests having a delivery every other month.

My 16-year-old-self would read this in horror but I don’t shave daily. I don’t even shave every other day as I’m fortunately blessed with light body hair and to be frank, I shave when I want to and can be bothered which generally amounts to two to three times a week maximum. On their website FFS recommend using a razor for a week if you shave daily before changing the head. So based on this I decided to use one head for 6 uses before swapping to a new one. This means one head would last me 2 to 3 weeks. This means 4 razor heads would last me between 8-12 weeks depending on my shaving frequencies which I think works out to be great value for money.

The (affiliate) code: BLG_RAINYDAY saves £3 on subscription sets. You can also follow this link.

Using The Razor

Firstly I was really happy to discover that clipping the blades onto the handle out of their protective packaging was incredibly easy. I was a bit wary of this but I felt perfectly save and there was minimal to no risk of me injuring myself during this process.

I’m usually prone to nicking myself around my ankles or knees when shaving but 3 weeks into using these I hadn’t had a single cut and began to wonder if it was even possible for this to happen. The head of the razor moves and glides perfectly around contours of the body making this the simplest razor to use that I’ve ever tried. I did drop it at one point and worried that I’d done some damage as the razor head came off but this popped back on with no issues.

I found this incredible for shaving my legs and so easy to use. I liked the weight of the razor. With each use I got bolder with shaving areas I’d previously have deemed a bit tricky until I’d nailed ankles, knees, the backs of my legs etc perfectly. I definitely experienced a close shave and felt that I could go an extra day without shaving compared to my previous razors that I’d swapped from which was yet another bonus. When it came to shaving my under arms I found this a bit more hit and miss until I discovered that I just needed to sweep the razor over my skin in a slightly different angled direction to what I was used to. Rather than straight down I needed a fractional diagonal angle to it. Prior to doing this I’d move the razor over my skin and note I wasn’t hairless so had to go over a few times. Shaving my underarms was the only bit I found a little less successful until I adapted my technique and had no problems from there on.

This razor took a lot of the “I can’t be bothered” out of shaving for me as it made it so straight forward and more satisfying to do.

Using The 1, 2, 3 Products

I love the smooth exfoliant as the grains within the product are so fine rather than big gritty lumps so it doesn’t feel aggressive on the skin. Whilst helping to prep my skin for shaving it also did a wonderful job at helping to even out any awkward fake tanning mistakes around my feet so I really liked using this product.

The shower cream didn’t lather at all like a foam which I half expected and I found that at a result I ploughed through this bottle much quicker than the others. I found it hard to see how much I’d put on my skin as it was virtually transparent when applied so went in a bit heavy handed to ensure I wouldn’t cut myself. It was gentle and helped the razor to glide easily over my skin.

I was hesitant about the smooth lotion as I’ve applied body lotion in the past without thinking after shaving at experienced some wildly tingling or stinging sensations. This didn’t happen at all with this product, it was light weight, absorbed quickly and easily and left my skin feeling hydrating. A little went a really long way so out of the 3 products this one will last me the longest.

None of these had strong overwhelming fragranced smells which I really liked. They felt simple without being boring and I found them very effective. I am still so impressed that the packaging for these is made from sugar cane which is which is apparently a 100% renewable material and totally recyclable whilst having a lower carbon footprint.

The Final Word

Likes: so easy to use, brilliantly simply eco swap, highly effective products at an affordable competitive price

Dislikes: I am being so, so nit picky here but I didn’t love this at first for underarm shaving but very quickly learnt to adapt my shaving technique and from there on out was totally convinced.

I think it’s nice and obvious that for me this was a successful eco swap and I will not be going back to plastic razors at all. Based on my positive experiences with these products I’m keen to branch out into trying more of FFS’s products as I’ve noted on their website they have eco conscious deodorant, fake tan, shampoo bars, lip balm and more.

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