Forever Saving For A Rainy Day Turns One – Celebrating A 1st Birthday & 10K Thank Yous – I’m Having A Party & You’re All Invited.

Firstly, I am incredibly proud that Forever Saving For A Rainy Day has reached it’s first birthday and that I’ve been able to consistently post content that I enjoy writing in the face of what has been the most outrageous 12 months. I’d spent years wanting to run a blog without quite knowing where to start or what to say so this does feel like a special occasion worth celebrating. I created my accompanying Instagram account as I was worried I’d be unable to meet the demands of regular blog posts and knew I’d be sad to give this up but here we are 12 months later still going strong!

Daily routine and life as we all knew it got turned upside down in March 2020. There have been many times that I’ve been grateful for having Forever Saving For A Rainy Day. It has provided a routine amongst the monotony of lockdowns, a sense of purpose when following the “stay at home” rules whilst furloughed and a connection to the outside world to help combat some isolation that I can imagine so many people have felt.

10,000 Thank Yous

Secondly, I want to thank each and every single person that has ever interacted with this blog or my Instagram account in any way. I hugely appreciate you all and was absolutely blown away recently to get a notification from WordPress to inform me that my blog has hit 10K views. When I started writing posts it never occurred to me that 100 people would want to read content I’d put together, let alone 1,000 and 10,000 certainly didn’t cross my mind. Despite having never physically met users behind their Instagram accounts and blogs I feel as though I’ve found a lovely network of supportive, sharing individuals, some of which I feel fortunate enough to call friends. Many of us have bonded over a skincare addiction, acne positivity, thrifty living, eco swaps and more. This has all had such a positive impact on me which I am very grateful for.

2,000 Thank Yous

I hit 2K followers on my Instagram page a couple of days before my 1 year Instaversary which was a wonderful surprise. It really isn’t all about the numbers at all but as my page was so close I had been hoping it would tip over the 2,000 mark for my one year anniversary!

In the last 12 months, as a result of Forever Saving For A Rainy Day, I have gained a huge amount of confidence regarding my skin and am no longer remotely ashamed that it is acne prone. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted. I’ve developed a borderline obsession with skincare but after so many years of begrudging spending money on my face for it only to still feel unmanageable it’s such a refreshing change to enjoy experimenting with products again and sharing my thoughts on them. I have also discovered so many new ways to save money thanks to an amazing community of savers on Instagram. I’m now an avid fan of cashback apps for free food, loyalty schemes for further birthday gifts, Facebook Marketplace for kitting out a home on a strict budget and many more.

Other highlights for me have included anyone that has reached out to me, either via messages or comments, to say that my thoughts I’ve typed up have helped them even in some small way. Be that a review which resulted in them finding a product suitable for their skin or another way to save money as I appreciate that for so many, budgets have had to get even tighter as a result of Covid. The kind comments always stay with me and make me smile every time I read them. I’ll never forget my first from Beauty For Old Bags, a fellow WordPress blogger, who said “This is so brilliant. Thank you so much. I am so grateful that I can’t even speak” when I posted about refusing to apologise for having acne any longer as I’d decided enough was enough. It also hugely makes my day when people reach out to ask if I’ve tried a certain product because they trust my skincare reviews to be brutally honest. I have such fun writing them.

I’m also incredible grateful that I was asked to include my money saving tips in an article for Fabulous magazine and that incredible brands have gifted me a range of products to try. This certainly wasn’t a position I ever thought I’d find myself in and every gifted product offer does feel a bit like a “pinch me” moment. As cliché as it sounds, it is a dream come true.

Since the pandemic broke out, like everyone, I’ve been isolated, I’ve missed – and still miss – loved ones as well as many simple things I once took for granted from being able to hug my friends, to eating in a restaurant and more. My normal routine has been thrown totally out the window and I’ve spent months at a time wondering what day of the week it is. Forever Saving For A Rainy Day has been a wonderful little lifeboat of joy amongst all the chaos and I want to say a whole hearted thank you to each and every single one of you that has been involved in this journey with me. I considered giving extra special shout-outs but realised I’d be here for days listing everyone! I appreciate and am grateful for you all.

Take this as your sign to have a slice of cake or treat with me to celebrate the occasion. Here’s to you all for helping to make this happen.

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3 thoughts on “Forever Saving For A Rainy Day Turns One – Celebrating A 1st Birthday & 10K Thank Yous – I’m Having A Party & You’re All Invited.

  1. Yayyy! That is amazing! I’m so glad you have this blog, it’s really encouraged me to 1. Look at my acne differently 2. Knowing that I can help my skin without having to spend a lot of money, and 3. To save money in general!


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