How To Use Green Jinn To Get Free Food & Save Money On Food Shopping – A Review Of The Cashback App For Food & Household Items.

I downloaded Green Jinn at the start of the year having previously only used Shopmium – another cashback app which works in a very similar way. At the time of posting this it is my current favourite app for free or heavily discounted food as I’ve been able to find some fantastic deals on dairy free products and more.

Since downloading the app at the start of this year I have saved over £25 on food in less than 4 months.

What Is Green Jinn?

It is a cashback app, primarily for groceries which enables you to try products either for free or at a discounted rate. You receive money back via a PayPal account after buying the exact product they specify from the Supermarkets listed. For example to get the cashback for a 30g packet of Brave Chickpeas on offer in Sainsbury you’d obviously have to buy the correct packet size and brand from that specific supermarket. It wouldn’t work if you bought a 60g bag, or even 30g bag in Tesco.

How Does It Work?

Download the app for free and sign up for an account. Connect your PayPal account so it knows where to send your cashback which typically arrives in less than 3 days. You’re able to request cashback after you’ve claimed over £1.50 worth. To request cashback you add the offers you’ve purchased to your Green Jinn basket and then upload photos of your entire receipt to prove purchase. This is really quick and easy to do and the app talks you through the process step by step. I’m not super tech savvy but find it incredible simple to do. Green Jinn does have some offers which are valid if you buy online too such as the Holland and Barrett website.

What Can I Expect To Get?

What I like about this app over the other food cashback apps I have is that it also includes supermarket own brand products as well as branded offers and freebies meaning I can often save that bit extra on fruit or veg etc. I don’t eat dairy so thought that having apps like this would be a waste of time for me but Green Jinn has been great and I’m really glad I downloaded it. I’ve been able to get free snacks worth £1+ all the way up to 4 cans of Kombucha worth £5 for free. Several weeks for the last couple of months they’ve had offers for free 1 litre cartons of long life non-dairy milks which I’ve been stocking up on and keeping in my cupboard as they don’t require refrigeration until they’re open. Whilst it’s not my favourite non dairy milk, it’s free and works well for me on cereal, in pancake batter or smoothies so has saved me money on my weekly shop as well as allowing me to grab some extras for nothing or low cost. Recently I was able to buy 4 bars of dairy free, oat based chocolate for half the price by buying online from Holland and Barratt. My cashback request was confirmed within 24 hours after taking some questionable photos of my order confirmation email from my computer screen! I should add that this cashback request worked for me on top of store offers and discounts so I still got my £1.50 back as well as saving a further 20% on the items from Holland and Barrett using a web code.

Any Additional Info?

Sainsbury always seems to have the most offers for free or discounted food items. At the time of publishing this post if you were to buy every offer from Sainsbury on Green Jinn you’d save £44.89 compared to £14.90 from Tesco. In my “savings” section I have one claim of £6.90 registering as claimed and not paid but I received the money in my PayPal account with no trouble.

How Does It Differ From Shopmium?

Shopmium has a really handy bar code checker where you can scan a product before buying to make sure you have the right one. Green Jinn doesn’t, so you just have to read the product details carefully to be certain you’ve got the right packet size etc for the cashback request to work. Once you’ve got into the habit of this it isn’t anywhere near as time consuming as it sounds. Shopmium has a referral options where you can earn credits whereas Green Jinn does not.

The Final Word

It’s a really good app, I like it lots and have found it very helpful to save money on things I’d either buy normally or to try new foods for free. I like that you can cash out with £1.50 worth as it’s really easy to “spend” that on offers. I tend to check all my food cashback apps the the day before I go food shopping as this sometimes influences which store I go to for me to save the most money. Cashback apps like this are great not only if you’re looking to save money but also if you like trying new foods.

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