Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Mask VS The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask – Clay Mask Review For Acne Prone Skin

Anyone familiar with my blog will know by now that I love a good direct comparison of two skincare products I’ve tried for spot prone skin which I like to pitch against each other in a VS post. I’ve previously covered day moisturisers, cleansers and pimple patches to name a few in this accidental series. Let’s kick this clay mask comparison off.

Here’s a comparison break down of the two products:

Epoch Glacial Marine Mud MaskThe Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask
Price£29.53 per 200ml£18.00 per 75ml (or £6 for 15ml trial mini size)
Product Claims (as per the brand websites)Natural, simple way to soften and smooth skin. Draws out dirt and impurities. Leaves skin fresh, renewed and healthy-looking. Absorbs dead skin cells and excess oil.
Suitable for all skin types.
Powerful purifying charcoal clay mask. Absorbs excess oil, dirt and impurities. Exfoliates. Gives a healthy glow. Tingly and refreshing. Helps unclog pores.
Eco / Charity benefitsNu Skin donates $0.25 per sale to the Nu Skin Force For Good Foundation Glass packaging. Community Fair Trade tea tree oil.
How To Use (as per the brand websites)Shake before use – apply to face and body2-3 times a week – leave on for 10-15 mins

Nu Skin – Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Mask Review

Firstly, I won this product in a giveaway so was fortunate to be able to try this for free. I love the really smooth feeling texture of this mask. It feels silky to apply and is incredibly easy to wash off and almost feels nourishing in the process. It is clean mask to use and doesn’t make a horrible mess. I’ve been using this twice a week for two and a half months and not experienced it drying my skin out at all. Even after using this frequently on my face I would estimate the bottle is at least half full still so the product lasts a really long time. However; unfortunately I haven’t really noticed any particular improvements in any congestion in my skin even after using this product for over 10 weeks. I generally use facemasks only to try and tackle my enlarged and often dark looking pores across my nose which spread onto my cheeks. This mask hasn’t made a difference to their appearance at all. I’m a little disappointed about this as the product feels so lovely to use.

Likes: smooth feel, easy to apply and remove, not drying

Dislikes: no real noticeable improvements in my skin

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask Review

I first tried this product a couple of years ago when The Body Shop offered samples of this mask via their social media sites. I remember liking it but for some reason didn’t purchase. I bought my first full jar of this about a year ago and I still recall the total shock I experienced when I used it the first time, rinsed and looked at my skin in the mirror. The dull congested pores I’m conscious of around my nose and surrounding area, to me, instantly looked better. I had one of those moments where you start doubting the “before” so lean in really close to the mirror in amazement wondering if it’s really your skin you’re looking at. It definitely tingles more than the Epoch mask. The texture also is very lumpy and not the easiest to spread across the face. The only thing I dislike about this mask is that it is a bit of a mission to wash off. I’ve discovered the best way is to dampen the mask and then really gently soak it off with a flannel and no scrubbing. It dries kind of like a shell on the face. For the impressive results I don’t care about the messy wash off faff. Of all the face masks I’ve tried to date this is my favourite. I use a clean plastic spoon to remove the product from the pot to try and reduce any possible bacteria and apply once or twice a week depending on how busy I am. Using it this way means 1 jar typically lasts me 6 months and The Body Shop regularly have offers which I time with purchasing a new jar. Another perk with this product is the glass jars are lovely to upcycle into bathroom storage or plant pots.

Likes: impressive results on my congested pore areas, glass jar packaging,

Dislikes: time consuming and slightly messy wash off process

Towards the end of last year when the La Roche Posay website had a huge deal which worked out at 40% off products I purchased their Effaclar clay mask which I’ll be trying once my Nu Skin product has run out. Whilst I do really love The Body Shop one’s results I’m not wild about the lumpy texture and do, on rare occasions, skip using it because I’m not in the mood for the messy wash off business. I’ve previously raved about The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal mask on my Instagram which prompted one of my favourite accounts, In My Piggy Bank Blog, to request a sample which led her to buying the product.

Comments Welcome.

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