Dots For Spots VS Cosrx Acne Master Pimple Patch – A Review Of Patches

For a long time I dismissed the idea of pimple patches. I didn’t really see the point of using them and couldn’t really imagine them being very effective. A friend gifted me the Cosrx Acne Master Pimple Patches last year which I starting using somewhat hesitantly. I got on surprisingly well with them but had a couple of reservations hence deciding to buy the Dots For Spots.

Here’s a comparison break down of the 2 products:

Cosrx Acne Master Pimple PatchDots For Spots
PriceRRP £5.99 for 24 patches£5.99 for 24 patches
Patch SizeMixed – 3 different sizes per packAll the same
Product Claims (as per their stockist’s website)Protects against bacteria, sticks to skin well, breaks down debris from white and black heads and absorbs it, helps to flatten cystic acne, doesn’t dry out skin, can be applied under make up and even worn in the shower.Promotes faster healing, ultra thin and translucent with tapered edges to seamlessly blend into skin, moist environment to absorb impurities from spots.
Results within (as per their stockist’s webiste)Wear for a minimum of 6 hoursWear for a minimum of 6 hours

Cosrx Acne Master Pimple Patch Review

I have seen these on Yes Style and even eBay for closer to £3 a packet which I’d be happier to pay for this product. I really like how effective these patches were for me when used on white heads. The first one I ever used blew me away as my skin was instantly flatter after using only one sticker and the area looked days later in the healing process. What was left of my spot was minimal, no pus, no dry skin, no scab and minimal redness. I had similar results like this with other spots. However; although I had no experience wearing pimple patches before these they were much thicker than I expected. Online it says you could easily cover them with make up but frankly I really don’t think that would be very subtle or work well at all. I only ever wore these either at night time or around the house as I felt they would have drawn attention to my spots if worn out and about. I also found they didn’t always stick as well as I’d like. I never had a patch fall off my face but I definitely felt the subconscious need to keep pressing the patch back onto my spot. When I looked in the mirror on several occasions I felt as though the edges of the patches were peeling up slightly but, at the end of the day, they did still absorb the gunk from my white heads. I have to be honest I didn’t realise these could be used on cysts so never put that to the test.

Likes: very effective at absorbing gunk, sealable packaging to store items safely,

Dislikes: Not as subtle as I’d hoped, I didn’t feel like they stuck to my face as well as I’d like even after following the user instructions perfectly.

Dots For Spots Review

I bought these hoping to find thinner pimple patches and these definitely tick that box. I’ll quite happily wear these any time of day or night as they are really subtle and at times I even forgot I was wearing them. They definitely stopped me poking, prodding and faffing with my skin when wearing them as they stuck on really well and I didn’t feel as though I had to keep checking up on them. The tapered edges really help them to blend into skin and out of the two patches you’d have far better luck applying make up over these without them being obvious than the Cosrx product. I was able to get these to stick really well even along my jawline and around my nose which I never even bothered trying with the Cosrx ones as I just thought I’d be wasting my time after having to repeatedly press ones on flat areas of my chin to make sure they stayed put. However; these really don’t absorb gunk for me in the same way as the Cosrx patches which really disappointed me. I was really excited when I first put the Dots For Spots on as they’re virtually invisible and stop me touching my face so I thought I was onto a real winner. The first Dot I applied did break the skin of my whitehead but didn’t absorb the gunk leaving me to wipe it away. This happened with several patches. I found myself having to repeat patch applications to the same spots to try and take the anger out of my spots which never happened with the Cosrx ones. More times than not the patches didn’t change colour from clear to white even after wearing for 6+ hours so I could still see my whiteheads in tact through them.

Likes: virtually invisible, totally stopped me touching my spots, hugely reduced the urge to pick my skin, perfect for day time use

Dislikes: Not quite as good at absorbing gunk, the packaging can’t be sealed, I still sometimes felt like squeezing my skin after removing the dot as I felt the impurities hadn’t been removed that well.

The Final Verdict

Cosrx Acne Master Pimple PatchDots For Spots
Best For Sticking Powerx (but they didn’t hurt to peel off)
Best For Invisibilityx
Best For Absorbing Impuritiesx
(I’d give these a 9/10)
(I’d give these a 7-8/10)
Best For Stopping Me Touching My Face When Onx (by a long shot!)
Best For Stopping Me Squeezing Spots (or what was left of them!) x
(these left my skin so much flatter that there was virtually no squeezing temptation left!)
(as these didn’t always absorb as much I had times where I wanted to squeeze any excess gunk)
Best Results From Using 1 Spot Stickerx(sometimes – but not that often – even after using 2 I didn’t get great results)

I’m eyeing up the Cosrx Clear Fit Master Patches as my next foray into the world of pimple patches. I wouldn’t say that either of these products are bad at all, they both help, I just would like to find the best of both worlds – thin, stays put and very absorbent. For me the Cosrx are best for night time use and the Dots For Spots are perfect for day time wear as I forget they’re on my face and work as a protective shield. I really like both products, I’d just like to not feel obliged to buy two products!

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5 thoughts on “Dots For Spots VS Cosrx Acne Master Pimple Patch – A Review Of Patches

  1. It’s a shame these weren’t better than they were in use. I’m a bit sceptical of products like this to begin with as I’d used so, soooooo many spot-related treatments throughout my teens and early 20s. If these stuck on better they’d perhaps be more useable, which is a shame as that seems like the easiest part for the brand to get right. Great review! 🙂

    Caz xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! I totally agree, I never thought patches would work so was very pleasantly surprised after trying the Cosrx ones! Using these 2 hasn’t put me off pimple patches. The dots for spots ones stick on SO well and really help me to stop touching my face but not perfect for me.

      Liked by 1 person

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