For Veganuary: The Best Dairy-Free Plant Based Swaps I’ve Found After Months Of Trial and Error Including Milk, Cream, Butter, Pastries and More!

As this month is Veganuary and plant based is the talk of the town I thought now would be a good time to share my favourite dairy free swaps. I used to be a HUGE lover of dairy and honestly wouldn’t have believed anyone if they were to tell me I’d be writing this post after being virtually dairy free for nearly 6 months. Around August time in 2020 I massively reduced my dairy intake in the hope that it would help my acne prone skin. I still eat very small amounts of cheese as it is one of my favourite foods but there aren’t really any other dairy products that I miss as I’ve found some great replacements that mean I don’t feel like I’m missing out. Read on to find out more.

Oatly Whole Milk

Whilst this isn’t the cheapest plant based milk around it is by far the best of all the ones I tried. I tried supermarket own brand versions from Aldi and Sainsbury at less than half the cost but found the consistency so watery that I was using up the cartons twice a quickly so they weren’t actually saving me any money at all. I’m not a fan of almond milk as it splits in hot drinks, dislike the flavour of coconuts and am aware its best to keep soya intake low with acne hence my oat decision. I haven’t found anything I don’t like this milk for. It tastes great in tea and coffee, is lovely with cereals and even makes a great Yorkshire pudding. I found it a little bitter when I first bought it but now I wouldn’t ever go back to dairy. Having dairy first thing in the morning always made me feel queasy so I love that swapping to oat means I can eat cereal for breakfast again!

Alpro / Own Brand Soya Yoghurt

I’ve tried coconut based yoghurt and found it thick and unpleasant. I found oat based yoghurts despite being sugar and sweetener free unbearably sugary tasting and a strange texture. My favourite of all the yoghurts I tried over 6 months was the Alpro Mango yoghurt as it contains no added sugar or sweeteners as well as being dairy free. The own brand soya based yoghurts I’ve tried from Tesco have all been great. I find buying the big tubs better value for money than the little individual pots.


Until they added buttermilk back into the recipe Flora Buttery was my go to. I now have their original one. It’s cheap, lasts ages, tastes pleasant and works well for everything I’ve tried including spreading on toast, cooking with it and baking sponge cakes. I like this product for being good value for money as lots of dairy free substitutes are really pricey!

Elmlea Plant Based Cream

I’ve tried soya cream and personally hated it. This Elmlea is around 89p for 270ml so very reasonably priced. It tasted almost identical to dairy cream to the point that relatives over the festive period couldn’t tell the difference. I’ve tried it with desserts and in hot coffees and it’s incredible. It can also be whipped unlike soya cream. Great taste, great value for money and it’s long life. I love this.

Alpro Devilishly Dark Chocolate Dessert Pots

These are divine. They have no soya taste to them at all. The sugar content isn’t wildly high and they’re an amazing treat. I love that they have really long use by dates so I can buy them when they’re on offer and pop them away for a later date to save money. The best dairy free dessert I’ve had and I have tried the GU free from cheesecakes.

Jus Rol Cinnamon Swirl Dough

I do aim to keep sugar content low and rarely ever bought things like bars of chocolate, packets of biscuits etc but the odd cake or pastry was my favourite treat. Finding dairy free cake that doesn’t cost the earth and is still tasty is far harder than I’d like. These swirls are magical though. They’re accidentally vegan, again have a long use by date so can be bought on promo far in advance, and taste incredible. You just slice the dough and bake for 10 minutes. I’ve tried the pain au chocolat ones from the same brand and whilst they’re good they’re not quite the flaky pastry I like but I can’t fault these. I buy the kit which makes 6 for less than £1.50 when on offer and freeze a few once they’re cooked.

Vegan Magnum Ice Creams

Again these were purchased as a treat and they are incredible. You’d never know they weren’t dairy. I’ve tried the almond and original ones and can’t fault either. The texture of the ice cream is flawless and the taste is magnificent. I was so happy to see Tesco added them to their “Clubcard Price” list so a box of 3 costs £2 instead of £3.50.

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