My Best Acne Related Accomplishments – My Skin Wins Of 2020

What with 2020 being challenging for us all I decided to try and look on the bright side and put together a post of all my skin wins for the year. An accumulation of the little things that I’m really pleased with this year in relation to my ongoing relationship with mild but very persistent acne.

Discovering Differin / Adapalene

In January I had an awful lot of bad luck with prescriptions and their side effects but these led me to discovering this. It’s the only topical medication I’ve ever tried that has made a notable difference for me, there are no nasty side effects and it suits my lifestyle of not wanting to take antibiotics again for a short term fix. My skin may not be clear but I can 100% say this helped make significant improvements to the amount of spots I get and the time it takes to clear them. I wouldn’t want to be without it.

Dietary Changes and Supplements

I decided to experiment with quitting dairy and caffeine earlier this year and can confirm since I’ve done so I’ve had perhaps 2 big painful under the surface cysts in 4 months which is wonderful. I won’t let my skin dictate my life so do eat a very small amount of my favourite cheese once a week but otherwise am totally dairy free. I notice in particular if I have a cup of caffeinated tea or coffee my skin will react so going decaf did make a big difference for me. I’m happy to take multivitamins anyway for my general health and have been taking 2 lots of Nature’s Best supplements for about 5 months now, I pay around £15 for a 2 month supply. I started taking these around the same time as my dietary experiments. I’m happy to keep paying for these as I like taking multivitamins anyway and one way or another have noticed improvements in my skin.

Dairy free, caffeine free, lower sugar options and supplements

Some Serious Skincare Bargains And Discovering A Love For Products Again

I’m talking £16.50 for 3 products worth £17 each, £16.90 for £49+ worth of products and many more. This year I began trying new skincare for the first time in so long and am glad I did as I’ve found some great products and saved a lot of money along the way. Skincare kind of became fun again after feeling for years as though it was a chore to control my acne and that I was scared to experiment with it. I also learnt the importance of wearing SPF daily which I was entirely unaware of before this year!

Discovering Instagram’s Acne Community

I can now whole heartedly vouch for the life changing power of representation. Following individuals posting unfiltered real photos of their bare skin and discussing their acne journeys, many of which I could heavily relate to, changed my relationship with my skin for the better. I learnt acne acceptance. I learnt to stop hating my skin and placing blame on myself for it not being totally clear. I honestly wish I’ve found this incredible community of people sooner because it helped me to feel so much better about my skin and less like it was an endless problem that couldn’t be solved. I encourage anyone struggling with acne or even body confidence of any kind to find these kind of accounts and immerse yourself in them as it helped me to feel like I wasn’t isolated or alone anymore.

Facing More Than Just The Corner Shop Without Make Up On

No foundation, no concealer and masks not worn 24/7 and I did it bare faced. I met a couple of friends back when that was allowed on two separate occasions with no make up on. I learnt to stop apologising for my skin and not to say things like “sorry I look like a troll”. Yes, meeting people I knew barefaced did scared me half to death at first but now it’s not the impossibility I thought it once was. If anyone decides they don’t want to know me because of a few spots and scars then the problem lies with them and not me.

2020 was the year I accepted my skin may not be faultless but heaven knows I’d tried my absolute hardest for so long. I wrapped my head around the idea that if self hatred hadn’t worked for over half a decade perhaps I should just try and accept my skin to save myself the heartache. I didn’t have to love it, just accept it and it’s made such a huge difference.

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