October ’20 Freebies

As always at the end of every month I like to post a round up of all the freebies I collected. I have to confess that this month I haven’t been keeping a running tally as items have arrived in the post or as I’ve claimed them so this list may not be a full summary. As always I tend to post items as I get them on my Instagram account.

Via the Shopmium App (cashback received via PayPal after purchase). The referal code “g2ye4k” will earn you a free tube of Pringles when you sign up.

  • BeLeaf Dairy Free yoghurt
  • Peperami Chicken bites
  • McVities VIB biscuits
  • Flipz Dark Chocolate pretzels
  • Vo5 Post Gym Refresher spray
  • Vo5 Frizz Free cream

Elizabeth Arden Hyaluronic Acid Capsules via a sponsored social media advert. This was a really generous sized sample with 7 individual capsules in a large tube.

Paco Rabanne Fragrance x2. One came via a sponsored Facebook advert and another via the Boots app. I’ve written a whole post on all the perks of the Boots app which you can find here.

Valentino, Jo Malone and Carolina Herrera Perfumes via sponsored social media adverts.

Bumble and Bumble hair mask via a sponsored Facebook advert

Livia’s Nugglets. I applied via a social media advert to try these a few months back and realised I never received them. I contacted the brand whose customer service was brilliant and they sent me a small bag of these in the post. I was particularly keen to try them as they’re dairy free and low sugar.

Kiehl’s Moisturiser via a sponsored social media advert. This was a really generous small tub.

Aveda Leave In Hair Conditioner again from a sponsored Facebook advert

Bare Minerals skincare sample sachets via a sponsored social media advert

Laura Mercier Pressed Powder sample again via a Facebook advert

Nars Climax Extreme Mascara via Send Me A Sample

Perfume samples from Lancome, YSL and Armani both via sponsored adverts

Conscious Dark Chocolate I received a full size bar of this 100% dark chocolate with no added sugars via a promotion on the company’s website. Delivery was free.

Chanel Perfume and Mascara from tbe Debenhams Beauty Club

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