My Favourite Loyalty Cards – Why You Need Supermarket Reward Schemes like Tesco Clubcard & Nectar Card

I’m very much of the opinion that if I have to buy something regularly and visit the same stores for my purchases then I’ll sign up to their free loyalty scheme for bonuses. This is because it means I’m getting perks for things I’d be buying anyway. This led me to having both a Tesco Clubcard and a Nectar Card as depending on where I’ve been living over the last few years either Tesco or Sainsbury has always been my local. I’ve decided to include both cards in the same post as the concept of both is very similar. Food shopping is a necessity that we all have to do so I see no reason why not to belong to the free loyalty schemes of your local food shops. If you’re also looking for a post full of details of how to save money when food shopping click here.

Tesco Clubcard

  • Collect 1 point per £1 spend (or 1 point per £2 spend on fuel)
  • Works in store and online
  • Works across Tesco mobile, their banking services and fashion
  • You can use points against future food shops
  • Points can also be converted and maximised into restaurant vouchers, days out, cinema trips and so much more (e.g 50p points = £1.50 to spend in Pizza Express)
  • Free Tesco magazine often has vouchers for extra points in
  • Occasional personalised discount vouchers with receipt


  • 1 point per £1 spend in Sainsbury in store and online
  • You can also collect points via eBay, Vue Cinemas, Esso and more
  • You can spend points directly via your card in Sainsbury on your food shop, Vue Cinemas, Caffe Nero or Argos
  • Points can also be spent via the Nectar website on days out (but with less choice than the Tesco Clubcard)
  • Occasional personalised discount vouchers with receipt

I food shop for one so alone I’d never add up a huge amount of points so share cards with my family to make these rewards schemes even more worthwhile. 3 of us use the same Tesco Clubcard account to collect points which we then cash out as restaurant vouchers for us all to have catch up meals out as a treat. These vouchers can be combined with existing menu deals like 2 courses for £x etc or promo nights – it’s always worth double checking in advance.

Back when Homebase accepted Nectar points and allowed to you collect them my family signed up to a Nectar card which was then neglected once this ended as they don’t shop in Sainsbury. I took over the card when a giant Sainsbury became my local. I discovered you can connect the same Nectar card to more than one eBay account so added it to both mine and my family’s to get points on spends we were already making. I typically spend the points in Sainsbury after letting them add up to around £5 or more and I tend to use them on something I wouldn’t usually buy so I feel like I’m getting a treat. Previous points have been spent on homeware items and even sterling silver jewellery.

I love that my Tesco Clubcard is a tiny key fob so it doesn’t mean I have to carry yet another card around in my purse to be receiving the perks. I believe both loyalty schemes now have accompanying apps that you can log in to store your card details to save needing the physical one to scan, you just scan the barcode from your phone at the till. I personally don’t have either app, my trips to Sainsbury are now fairly infrequent and I don’t like downloading apps that take up space in my phone and rarely use. The Tesco one doesn’t seem to offer many extra perks to warrant me using it.

If, like me, you food shop for just one person and have a friend in a similar situation who shops in the same supermarket its worth considering sharing an account. You can then cash out the points into vouchers for days or meals out together as a treat. Perks will add up significantly faster and make it feel more worthwhile.

I’ve written previous posts about some of my other favourite loyalty cards including the Boots Advantage Card and its accompanying app as well as the Love Your Body card from The Body Shop.

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