Reviewing Beauty Club Subscriptions For Free Products Part 2

How I miss Debenhams Beauty Club! It was such a gem. Although this was by far my favourite free scheme to belong to for picking up free mini high end beauty products there are still some great ones out there. Although Debenhams is no more Glamour Beauty Club which I spoke about in my Part 1 post a couple of years back is still going. Here you’ll find several more!

Marie Claire Beauty Drawer

It is completely free to join, there’s no subscription. Much like Glamour Beauty Club you create an account, fill in lots of details about your beauty buying habits including everything from perfumes to haircare and skincare. When they have products available to test which match the information given in your profile you’ll be emailed with an opportunity to try the product. It’s best to jump on these emails as quickly as possible because there are limited numbers of the products. I’ve received a full size bottle of L’Oreal Professional hair condition worth £15.85. I’ve also been offered Giorgio Armani foundation among other products.

Woman & Home Beauty Counter

This is virtually identical to the Marie Claire Beauty Drawer. I’ve even been offered some of the same products through it such as the Giorgio Armani foundation. I only joined this panel late last year and so far have been offered one product.

Vogue Insiders

This is Vogue’s answer to the two panels mentioned above. It also requires filling in a questionnaire about your beauty preferences, habits, skin type and hair type. I joined in August last year and product offerings have been quite sporadic. I’ve been offered a Christian Louboutin lipstick to try which arrived as a cardboard sample which was a little disappointing as well as some skincare products. I did get a miniature Valentino red lipstick from this panel last year which was adorable. I received lots, and I really do mean lots, of emails from them with general beauty information which aren’t sampling opportunities so I often find it a bit hard to see the wood from the trees!

My favourite out of these is the Marie Claire Beauty Drawer but ultimately I think it’s a great idea to belong to all of them because you never know what you might receive.

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Science Of Skin Cleanser No. One Review – Used On Combination Acne Prone Skin

A kind friend The Acne Pharmacist sent me this product to try last year. Totally honesty as always, it sat in my skincare stash for quite some time as I wasn’t sure what to make of a foaming micellar water and was apprehensive about salicylic acid in cleansers having swapped to hydrating formulas a few years back when prescribed Adapalene to treat my acne. I no longer use Adapalene, whilst my skin is the best it’s been in years, it is still spot prone. Below are my thoughts on the cleanser now that I’ve emptied the bottle.

Rate Or Hate? A Review Of Every Cleanser I Tried For Second Cleansing In 2021 – Combination Acne Prone Skin – Cerave, Avene, Smacne, Bioderma, Alpha H, Beauty By Zero.

Science Of Skin Cleanser No. One – RRP £15.99 for 150ml

Product claims & information according to the brand’s website:

  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • reduces redness, pore size, breakouts
  • balances skin
  • vegan, fragrance free, alcohol free, not tested on animals

Texture & Fragrance – My scepticism about a foaming micellar water went out the window on the first use. It’s a lovely light weight froth that reminded me of a fruity body wash I had as a child! There was no oily feel or residue from this.

Ease Of Use – Remove cap, pump onto a cotton pad, wipe over face. Done. I can honestly say this product helped me to feel more human when I was feeling ill as it required seconds of effort to use, no faffing or rinsing. Equally it was great for those mornings I felt half dead during a working week and the alarm clock wasn’t welcome! I used this with reusable cotton pads and all was great.

Experience Whilst Using – This product makes my face feel incredibly refreshed and clean without feeling remotely stripped. I tested out using this back to back days for almost 2 weeks and had no issues with sensitivity, dryness etc which I have previously had with salicylic acid cleansers. I grew to quickly love the feel of the froth which kind of bubbles as it died down on your face. Some salicylic acid products have made my skin breakout and get worse before getting better. Fortunately this didn’t happen with this product. One pump was enough for my face so this lasted really well. Ultimately there were no down sides I can think of.

Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant – Review – Used On Combination, Acne Prone Skin.

Would I Use Again? Yes! I think this is a great affordable price, whilst writing this blog post I even came across it advertised with 25% off making it £12.

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Monthly Round Up – The Best Ways I Made Money, Saved Money & Bargain Finds In April 22

April felt like quite a spendy month. I also failed pretty badly on the not buying beauty products front that I’ve decided total no buys don’t work for me. Next month I’m going to allot a small amount of money, like £10, for beauty products and go from there.

Made Money

The sales really dried up towards end of March and into April. I had plenty of items listed but sadly no one seemed to jump at them so I was pleased to receive an offer for £7.50 for a skirt I bought second hand for a similar price at the start of the second week of April. The day after my skirt sale I listed 5 more items and received a £19 offer on one which I quickly accepted. Frustratingly the buyer never paid.

  • £7.50 – preloved skirt – eBay
  • £7.50 – 2 jewellery items – Vinted
  • £6 – shoes – eBay

Airtime Rewards – Withdrew £10 which will cover my phone bill making it free this month and reduced next. On 1st April I activated their monthly challenge bonus to earn an extra £1 for making two purchases of £5 within the month. I saw a code for a £3 bonus if I spent over £6 which worked when I bought an item for a friend who paid me back. Shortly after I saw a £3 cashback when spending £10 offer. I needed a household item from Wilko that cost £7.50 so added a cactus into the sale to spend £10.50 and get the bonus. Lastly I saw a £2 bonus on £10 spend and needed some paint that retails for £9.50 in Wilko so added on some essential toothpaste. The bonuses from the offers becomes payable as soon as your purchase tracks so it’s fast. I’m loving how easy the app is.

Boots App – I always activate all the offers in my Boots app. I had one for an extra £3 of points when spending £30. The purchase I made for a friend who reimbursed me hit this threshold so I gained the extra points at no cost to me. I had a further offer of £2.50 points when spending £15 on selected beauty which kicked in when I placed an order for a relative who also paid me back. So this month I basically made £5.50 of Boots points at zero cost to me!

Top Cashback – This month I had £2.16 payable.

Saved Money

New Clothes – After selling nearly 2/3rds of my wardrobe I’m left with almost no summery clothes beyond basic t shirts. I spent a good couple of months browsing styles on Pinterest to help me plan my dream capsule wardrobe. I saw an offer of 20% off if spending £50 on New Look’s website. I took advantage of this to order some planned pieces. I also got cashback via Airtime Rewards. These new clothes were funded with money from selling my old ones.

Top Cashback – I spotted an offer to get a free Easter egg or £1.50 off. Tesco Clubcard price bought lots of £3 eggs down to £2 so I picked one up for 50p after cashback. I submitted the request on a Friday evening and the money became payable on Tuesday.

Using Unidays For Meals – A friend and I had planned a catch up but couldn’t decided where to go. I let Unidays decide our fate and we saved 30% on our total bill in a place we otherwise wouldn’t have thought about going to. It made a nice change.

Bargain Finds

The Sanctuary Body Care – Clearance items from Boots. These were half price, I’d run out of body scrub and have been wanting to use this brand again for almost a month. I got 3 products for £7 when the scrub alone usually retails for £6.50. I paid with my Boots points so technically these were free.

10p B Clay Face Masks – I ordered 5 of these with free click and collect from Superdrug. As ever with almost every Superdrug clearance bargain these are all going in my present drawer to add into beauty hamper style gifts for friends. I love picking up bits like this.

Nip & Fab Skincare – On clearance via Superdrug’s website. Serums which retail for £24.95 were reduced to 20p and 60 biodegradable cleansing pads down to 99p from £14.95. I ordered 3 serums and 2 of the pads intending to keep one of each for myself and add the rest to gifts for friends. Student discount worked on top of these prices and click and collect from store was free so I paid a grand total of £2.32 for 5 items.

Nip & Fab clearance bargains – I’m loving the cleansing pads so far!

A Wall Unit – Yes, I realise this is a slight tangent to my usual bargain skincare finds. I’ve been hunting for a wall unit for my home on Gumtree and Marketplace for over a year. They sell for terrifying amounts between £600-1k online. I also don’t have a van which has complicated this process. I spotted one listed for £40 in my local area and discovered the seller needed it gone the same day. I was told I could have it for £20 if I took it asap and paid cash. It is everything I’ve been looking for and with a bit of a clean up and polish I know it’ll be beautiful so I’m thrilled.

£5 T Shirt Dress – I’ve been hunting high and low for a semi fitted, not too short, plain t shirt dress for the summer. I found one in a local charity shop for £5 in a lovely olive green. It’s exactly what I wanted and even better for being preloved.

6 Books For £2 – Again, charity shop purchases. I’ve been really trying to get back into reading this year as I always miss it when I let it slip. I’ve read every book I own more than once so decided it was time for new ones. I realise I could visit my local library but honestly when life gets stressful remembering to renew or return books is a faff I don’t need so I’d prefer to charity shop hunt!

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April ’22 – A Round Up Of All The Samples & Free Items I Got This Month & How I Got Them

Yet another month draws to a close. April was very quiet on the beauty free sample front for me as I’m being much more selective about what I apply for. I’ve been food shopping primarily in lower cost supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl so haven’t been as active on the grocery cashback apps like Shopmium and Green Jinn this month.


Elizabeth Arden Samples – I’ve previously received mini tubes from Elizabeth Arden sampling campaigns so had hoped this would be the same. Instead I received 2 sachets from filling in a form via a sponsored social media advert. I’ll add these to a beauty themed gift for a friend.

Shisheido 10ml Power Concentrate Serum – For signing up to Shiseido’s newsletter. 15ml retails for around £30 so I’m very grateful for this generous sample.

Narcisco Rodriguez Perfume Sample – via a sponsored social media advert

Mugler Alien Perfume Sample – again from another sponsored advert.

Food / Drink

Cadbury 2 Pack Mini Rolls – for free via Shopmium. They retailed for £1 and counted as a snack in a Tesco Meal Deal so I decided to get a wrap and oat iced latte. My 3 items came to a £2 total once the cashback hit my PayPal account within a couple of days. A nice cheap, easy lunch treat.

2 Greggs Breakfast Rolls – via O2 Priority Moments. I really like this weekly offer for a little breakfast treat.

2 x Cafe Nero Large Hot Chocolates – again via O2 Priority Moments. I was disappointed to see that during the last week of April all the codes disappeared within a day as I usually claim this later in the week but wasn’t able to!


£5 Amazon Voucher – After a friend recommended it I signed up to the Amazon Rewards Panel where you can upload 10 receipts a month to receive a £5 voucher at the start of the next month. It took me seconds to create the account and add images of my receipts. I’m so pleased with this as I’ve been wanting to buy a Dylon Washing Machine Dye to give some clothes a new lease of life and this means next month it’ll cost me only £1 to do so.

Gifted PR Packages

I must sound like a broken record but I’ll never take being gifted products for granted. It means a great deal that brands like my content enough to send me products to try out and review honestly.

Eco Egg – Eco Egg kindly offered to send me products after I responded to their Instagram stories stating they were seeking product testers or influencers. I’ve been using my unfragranced egg for over 6 months and absolutely love it so messaged to tell them this. In response they kindly sent me their egg especially for whites which I’m very excited to try as it’s labelled suitable for sensitive skin but has a subtle floral scent. It’s been years since my laundry smelt of anything as I always have to go for boring non bio products. I’m looking forward to trying this out. They also gifted me some washing machine cleaning tablets and reusable, washable bamboo cloths which can replace kitchen roll, dusters, cleaning cloths etc. I was sent these with no obligation to review but naturally will as I love sharing my thoughts!

Stylevana Skincare Routine – Stylevana reached out to me asking if I’d be interested in trying some K Beauty products. I did a little research into the website and discovered they had some really great money saving deals on products. For example they sell the Cosrx Acne Master Pimple Patches I love for £2.59 unlike other popular beauty website like Look Fantastic which sell them for around £7. I expected their delivery charges to be pricey but was pleasantly surprised to see they were £3.99 for standard delivery or free if you spent over £39. I’ve been using the products they kindly sent me now for a couple of weeks and will naturally share reviews in time. Stylevana have given me an affiliate code valid for 3 months which saves between 10-15% on products – INF10FSFARD – should this be of interest.

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