Why You Should Start Tracking Your Beauty Empties If You’re Skincare Obsessed & Have Lots Of Products

I genuinely don’t know how it happened. When my skin was at its most painful with adult acne I begrudged skincare, seeing it as a necessary evil that I had to do to stop my skin getting worse even if it didn’t seem to hugely improve. Fast forward through the boredom of lockdowns delivered by a global pandemic and my skin vastly improving and I’m skincare and beauty obsessed. It started with skincare and has begun spreading into body and hair care now. I also absolutely love a clearance bargain. This is a dangerous combination meaning I’ve got a lot of beauty products!

At the end of last year I began sharing photos of everything I emptied in a month on my Instagram. I ironically vowed never to be one of those people back when I saw skincare as a chore but now I find this really helpful.

June empties (contains some Ad/Pr)

It Allows Me The Opportunity To Mini Review Things

I split my empties up into categories like “loved and will use again”, “liked, may use again” right through to “hated, not for me”. By popping a couple of little words next to each product explaining I didn’t like the smell or the texture was slimy etc it provides a reference I can look back at if I come across a product again in the future and can’t remember how I felt about it. I save all my empties posts from Instagram into a Guide so they’re really accessible.

It Keeps Me Accountable

I’m determined to work through the products I have as I’m excited to try them. Tracking my empties keeps me focused on this goal. I typically only have 1, at most 2, of each type of product open at once. I don’t open everything immediately as I know product would get wasted. At the end of each month I tend to look through what I have open and make a section of those closest to empty and focus on using them until they’re gone.

May empties (contains some Ad/Pr)

It Makes Me Better At Beauty Self Care

I keep all my empties in an empty box under my bathroom sink, if I go to add a new empty and spot the box is really low it’ll prompt me to actually use my products. Ever since I started posting my empties I’ve become infinitely better at body care. I’m no longer like a lizard from the neck down. I regularly use face masks, the occasional sheet mask from my stash, body lotion, body oil, hand cream, foot cream etc which was previously unheard of for me. I feel better in myself as a result and it means I’m decluttering so all in all I’m happy.

It Could Be Better For The Environment?

By tracking empties and being more conscious of what I have in my stash it means I’ve, so far, never had a product expire before I could use it. Tracking my empties means products don’t get forgotten at the back of cupboards left half used. I like to think it reduces waste. It also makes me more conscious of what I’m using and buying. For example, I’ve never bought sheet masks as the waste factor bothers me but if I’m gifted them I’ll use them so they aren’t wasted. Seeing my empties of products I have in my stash, some of which were gifted or presents from friends, has really prompted me to get back on the eco swaps mission trading things like bottles of shampoo for bars again.

Forever Saving For A Rainy Day
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Monthly Round Up – The Best Ways I Made Money, Saved Money & Bargain Finds In August

July gave me a lot of welcome surprise sales on eBay which has felt dead for quite a while now. This spurred me on with my decluttering. I decided to go through my beauty stash this month and list minis that I realistically wouldn’t buy the full sized product of if I liked it because of the sheer cost. Between July and the first week of August I made over £30 from doing this and eased some of my guilt about accumulating rather a lot of beauty products.

Made Money

Selling Items – I’m still loving Vinted for clearing odd little bits here and there. It’s so quick to upload items and I like that they don’t expire like eBay.

Using Vinted Without A Printer – My Review Of The Popular Selling Site / App.

  • Furniture – £80 – Facebook Marketplace
  • Furniture – £30 – Facebook Marketplace
  • Beauty – £4 – Vinted
  • Beauty – £4 – Vinted
  • Trousers – £8 – eBay
  • Beauty – £6 – Vinted
  • Beauty – £3 – Vinted
  • Make Up – £3 – Vinted
  • Household – £20 – Facebook Marketplace

Top Cashback – I had £2.09 payable this month.

Saved Money

No / Low Beauty Buy – Halfway through August I’d spend a grand total of £1.50 on beauty. I really committed to my low / no buy after realising there just wasn’t anything I needed anytime soon apart from dry shampoo. I’m really proud of not getting sucked into bargains. I’m fully aware they’ll save me money in the long run but as I have plenty for the time being there’s just no need. I did buy a red Essie nail polish for 90p via Boots clearance using my points as my red dried up years back and I love this brand. I turned my back on Inkey List and Versed products on Boots clearance and much more because, you guessed it, I didn’t need them.

Soap & Glory Clearance Christmas Gifts – Before anyone leaps to tell me I broke my low beauty buy goals here these spends weren’t for me so they don’t count. I bought 7 items, 6 minis and 1 full size product for a grand total of £4.45 with free click and collect to store. I got these to put into gift hampers for Christmas presents.

Buying A Rail Card – I saw a promotion online offering 1/3rd off 1 year railcards as I had a couple of train journeys on the horizon thought the £20 initial outlay was sensible as it would help save me money long term. I visited London and twinned my new railcard with my very old school Oyster card and this also saved me a 1/3rd on all my weekend travel whilst away.

Airtime Rewards – I referred a friend to Airtime Rewards when they had a promotion on. I got a £1 bonus once they’d added a card and a further £5 as they made a purchase within 5 days of joining. As a result I was able to redeem another £10 towards my phone bills.

Cancelled A Subscription – 6 months ago O2 Priority offered a free 6 month trial of Amazon Music Unlimited. Over the past 2 years I’ve had 2 6 month free trials, 1 3 month trial and possibly more. Once I’d activated the promotion I logged into my O2 account to ensure this bolt on wouldn’t charge me once the 6 months were up. I received an email mid August to say my subscription had ended and I wouldn’t be charged. As much as I love unlimited music I don’t want to pay for it and have been lucky with free trials in the past so I’m hoping for more.

Downgraded My Food Shopping – The rising prices are starting to worry me. I usually shop whatever is on offer but I decided to make a few small cut backs this month whilst still buying what I need. I bought less expensive cooked meats with longer lasting dates like salami, swapped from the not from concentrate juices to the long life equivalents as they’re nearly 1/3 cheaper and downgraded to more of the Tesco Stockwell range. I organised an online delivery to bulk buy heavier, long life items whilst they’re on Clubcard price like my favourite Alpro Barista Oat Milk.

Bargain Finds

£1.50 Earth Kind Shampoo Bar – I’ve been feeling guilty lately. Last year I found a shampoo bar that I loved, it worked brilliantly. It lasted 1.5 – 2 times as long as a shampoo bottle and is affordably priced at £6.95.. Yet this year I’ve been using bottled shampoo. I fell for Lee Stafford clearance sale at the end of last year and was selected for a Super Savvy Me Aussie trial. I recently thought that once I’ve cleared my backlog of bottled hair products I’d go back to this brand’s bars. Then I saw a sponsored social media advert to claim a free shampoo bar, you just had to cover the postage cost of £1.50. I bought a different variety to what I’ve tried previously and look forward to using it.

Cocktail Cans – I saw an offer on Shopmium for £1 off 5 different Smirnoff cocktail cans. With Tesco Clubcard you could buy 4 for the price of 3. After cashback I got 4 cans for 50p each. Some of these will be kept aside for hamper-style gifts later in the year. I also got 2 bottles of Pepsi for free via Checkout Smart.

I’d typically post about clearance skincare bargain finds. This month I avoided shops that I’d typically buy beauty from to make the no / low buy easier!

Forever Saving For A Rainy Day

Tips To Stop Spending On Skincare When You’re Beauty Obsessed

When you find the answer please let me know! In all seriousness, I knew that July would involve a fair few new products given that it was my birthday month. I’m intending to commit to not buying beauty products for myself throughout the month of August. Although I never buy newly released products, I have a weakness for beauty clearances and bargains so I thought I’d share some tips of what helps me resist buying.

Make An Inventory In Your Phone

Believe me, this is quite sobering. Mine is completely categorised with everything from make up removers to body washing products listed. Anything currently open I tick the check box so it is struck out and once empty the item is deleted from the list. If I’m out and about and stumble across a bonkers deal like 99p Lee Stafford shampoo in Home Bargains as was the case earlier this year, I can quickly check how many unopened shampoos I have before purchasing. I realise 99p isn’t exactly a high price but I can get a bit overwhelmed by having lots of products and if I’ve already got 2 lined up, I don’t need a 3rd.

Don’t Visit Your Shopping Weakness Spots!

This is blindingly obvious but still needs to be said. I don’t really shop beauty online. I’ve never ordered from Cult Beauty or Look Fantastic. AllBeauty have had one spend from me and I think I’ve placed 2 Feel Unique orders in 2 years. My downfall is local Boots stores and occasionally Superdrug stores. I tend to find the best clearance deals wandering the aisles of these stores that aren’t usually online. As tragic as this sounds, for August I’m going to do my very best to avoid Boots.

Get Some Accountability

I must have shared to my Instagram stories at least 3 times that I’m aiming not to buy this month. I’ve even started filling in one of those trackers that you add an emoji to each day to say whether you bought or not. Accounts I regularly interact with are fully aware of my attempted no or low buy, as are friends I meet regularly. If an intervention is needed I’ve now got back up! Tracking my empties helps me too. For example if I know I’ve emptied 15 products in a month but added 20 then I know I’m not achieving my goal of the stash going down. I’m incredibly fortunate to receive gifted products which makes me even more conscious about products I’m buying.

Be Realistic

Saying that I’m going to spend £0 on beauty in a month isn’t exactly realistic. In fact, 3 days in, no judgement I bought an Earth Kind shampoo bar for £1.50. They usually retail for £6.95 and I’d been thinking recently about how I should swap back to the bar that worked well for me before I was sucked into Lee Stafford’s 70% off sale. It has been added to my inventory. You could try deliberately leaving £10 aside for beauty spends if going cold turkey seems too extreme. I’ve currently got over £18 of Boots points and I’m trying to leave even those untouched as for me it isn’t about the money as such, it’s how the products add up but you could allow yourself to spend loyalty points if that helps.

Shop What You’ve Got

I know a lot of people will lean on retail therapy after a bad day or if they’re tired. I’ve definitely been guilty of this a few times. It’s never an expensive spend, but usually something I don’t desperately need. If I’m bored with what I have open, I’m making a real point of browsing what’s in my stash. More often than not something as simple as using a sheet mask a friend sent me or trying a sachet of a product that’s intrigued me will do the job to ease the urge for new things. It also gives me a boost of satisfaction because I know I’ve emptied something to clear the products I have.

Give Yourself An Incentive

I’ve wanted a beauty advent calendar for several years now. I’ve never been able to justify one as they’re usually rather pricey and I know that I don’t really need the contents. Earlier this year I toyed with the idea of no / low buying for several months with my reward at the end being a beauty advent calendar.

Forever Saving For A Rainy Day

An Affordable Dupe For Clinique Moisture Surge? Heimish Watermelon Moisture Gel Soothing Cream Review – On Combination Acne Prone Skin

For transparency this product was gifted but I wasn’t obligated to share this blog post.

I genuinely didn’t expect to like this product anywhere near as much as I do. When Heimish reached out to offer me the opportunity to try 3 of their products of my choice I almost didn’t pick this one. In fact, I didn’t, then emailed them to change my selection to include this. The reason I did was because of a great review from Keliz Beauty which really piqued my interest, but even then I didn’t expect miracles as she mentioned it broke her out marginally.


The texture of this product is a beautiful, silky, lightweight gel. It is remarkably similar to the texture of Clinique’s Moisture Surge which I used in the past and absolutely adored. It soaks in quickly, doesn’t pill and feels refreshing. It’s an absolute delight to use in the warm weather we’ve been having here in the UK as it doesn’t feel stifling or sticky. For me this is definitely a spring, summer product.

Using The Product

I personally didn’t experience any out of the ordinary breakouts when using this. I still had some spots, but these were totally normal for me and in the usual areas so I can safely say this moisturiser wasn’t to blame. I’m so impressed with this because despite it’s wonderful lightweight feeling it reliably provided enough moisture so that I wasn’t ever left with any tightness, irritation or dryness. It totally does the job it’s supposed to whilst being enjoyable and somewhat cooling to use. My only minor complaint, and this is very personal, is that because I like it so much and it’s in a tub I’m definitely getting through this faster than necessary. I’m guilty of scooping too much product out because I can’t get enough of it.


Let’s talk pricing. It’s RRP is around £20 which initially sounds like a lot. However; the tub is 110ml. My go to La Roche Posay moisturiser that I’ve used primarily for over 6 years is 40ml and that retails for £18 nowadays. Doing the maths 110ml of the LRP product would cost around £45. I have also seen this tub for as little as £12 via Stylevana which is fantastic. I absolutely love falling for a product when it can be this affordable!

Would I Buy This?

I’m guilty of having quite a large stash of beauty products so for most of this year I’ve used a different moisturiser for day and night just to work through what I have and target different skin concerns. I liked this product enough that when I opened it I just stuck with it which I think says a lot. I didn’t bother opening a new night cream when I emptied my current product. I’ve been using this twice a day for 6 weeks now and can’t get enough of it. I think it is a fantastic, more affordable alternative for Clinique’s Moisture Surge which frankly I couldn’t justify the price of unless I stumbled across a bonkers deal. So long story short, yes I would definitely purchase this again in the future. It’s my favourite moisturiser discovery of the year so far and it’ll take a lot to beat it.

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